Sunday, December 03, 2006

No Suspension for Ovechkin


The league made the right call in choosing not to hand down a suspension to Ovechkin for the hit on Briere. I won't go into the reasons that this was the right decision again - I've done that a hundred times. I'll let the clip and these comments from Caps beat writer Mike Vogel speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, someone on the message boards mentioned that Ovechkin's web page was being flooded by angry Buffalo fans, so I went and checked it out for myself - sure enough, there they are...comments calling Ovechkin every name under the sun and basically saying he's not going to get out of Buffalo alive when the Caps go their in a few weeks. Seriously, who does that? There's classless and then there's a whole new level that has no name, and that's where this falls. There are kids who look up to Ovie and probably have visited the site, and to put that kind of stuff where they can see it is beyond obnoxious.

I want to point out that I'm sure 95% of Buffalo fans are much classier than this very small, very vocal bunch of idiots who feel the need to do this kind of thing. Sabres Nation may be upset about the hit, but they can voice their opinions in constructive ways - I've said it before, but this minority of people are really giving Sabres fans a bad name. No need to start putting yourselves in a group with the likes of Philly and the Rangers...

I'm going to drop this now because I don't think I can really add anything else to the debate at this point. The league has spoken, I've given my opinion, and it's time to move least until December 26th. To all you Caps fans out there - our boys pulled off a great all-around win last night against one of the top teams in the league, and that's something to be proud of. Let's all bask in the glory of those two points and get ready for the next challenge facing the Caps: the Ottawa Senators, here on Wednesday night.

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Jordi said...

Ovechkin's a young boy, I think it's safe in not giving him a suspension. That and I love him. But Ovy has so much ahead of him, it's not surprising if he does some dumb things now and then.

And again the league is doing a terrible job in avoiding these sort of things happening. It's not more fines or suspensions that will fix it. There's a double standard emerging and I honestly think players are failing to understand how far they can go.

FS said...

This whole thing would have been avoided with good officiating. If the officials had called Briere's flying elbow at the other end, Ovechkin wouldn't have wanted to hit him at all.