Monday, December 04, 2006

Cooler Heads Prevail

I have to apologize, because I know I promised I would stop talking about the whole Ovie-Briere brouhaha, but I found a very interesting article in the Buffalo News today that I thought I should share.

It's written by the same guy who wrote the recap of Saturday's game, which I found to be one of the more biased, one-sided pieces ever written. I'm all for the home team media being slightly subjective, don't get me wrong, but there was only one quote from the Caps in the entire piece and the whole thing was crafted around painting Ovie as a demon - take, for example, his description of Ovechkin after being ejected, which is clearly being used to make him seem smug:

Ovechkin stood smiling in the hallway and gave his teammates congratulatory high-fives as they left the game. He was named the second star.

So anyways, you can imagine my surprise when I read this article, which is a much nicer piece of work on Ovechkin and his impact in the league. Instead of calling him a dirty player who was trying to kill Briere as he did before, the author seems to be trying to ease the tensions a bit by basically saying it was an uncharacteristic mistake by an otherwise stellar all-around player.

Even the quotes from the players (with the exception of Ryan Miller's, which he used in the original game recap) seem to acknowledge that it was a mistake, a momentary lapse - heck, I'll agree with that. I don't think anyone, Caps fans and Ovie included, thinks that the hit was anything less than careless and deserving of some punishment. It's just nice to see a slightly more balanced look at our Ovie.

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FS said...

What one can be sure of is that the Sabres will be whining about this for years. That's what Buffalo fans do, they whine and remember, and whine some more.