Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another One Hangs 'Em Up

Forgive me for straying from my Caps-centric mindset for a moment, but I just read that Joe Nieuwendyk is retiring because of back problems. I was a little sad when I read that, I have to admit - the NHL is truly losing yet another of their classier players, a dying breed if you ask me.

You hated playing against Nieuwendyk because he was that good, but you never hated him...or at least I didn't.

3 Stanley Cups with 3 different teams, 4-time all-star, and all done with a quiet demeanor and grace that's lacking in so many players, past and present.

All the best, Joe.


FS said...

I still wouldn't be surprised if Toronto tried to trade for him. He's still not old enough for Detroit.

CapsChick said...

True - next to Chelios he looks like a teenager. Good ol' leatherface will be playing until he's 80, complete with a walker and 2 artificial hips.

FS said...

Chellios is actually a robot.