Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Don't Believe the Hype

Earlier today I stopped by Southeast Shootout and watched the little YouTube clip about the Caps-Thrashers game, which kept cutting off with about 10 seconds left. So, assuming it was another fan creation, I laughed it off and went on with my day.

After returning home, I found an e-mail from the Atlanta Thrashers (I had signed up as a Blueland Insider or whatever their registered content is called) heralding the match:

There is no love lost between the Thrashers and Washington following Atlanta's 4-2 win last month. In a closely contested game, tensions erupted in the final minutes resulting in ten fighting majors, seven game misconducts, and three suspensions. The Thrashers are 4-0 against the division rival this season, but the physical battles have required overtime twice and a shootout once. Don't miss a play as the action heats up on Dec. 15 [...]
It also shows a video player which when you click on it, takes you to their website...where I found the YouTube clip. By the way, if you haven't seen it, it'll definitely want to make you go out there and smack some Thrashers around yourself - very "Thrashers are angelic, Caps are evil" vibe going on.

So this is how they sell tickets down south? Mr. Bettman won't like that. What's more, if the SeSo gang is correct in their assumption (or if I am) this could even constitute as false advertising...

Bad little Thrashers. Get 'em, Gary.

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Victor said...

I rec'd a text msg from my gf during the Pittsburgh game. Sometime during the second period, Steve Kolbe had an interesting stat: He said that at the beginning of the season, the Caps were near the bottom in PIMs; after the Atlanta game, tho, they found themselves near the top.

Before that, my gf pointed out (correctly, IMO) that the rest of the league may start to see the Caps as goons. The big problem with that is (tho they'll deny it) the refs may start to buy into that. I doubt they'll buy into the "Ovechkin is the dirtiest player of all time" meme the Buffaslug fans would have us believe, but they may start watching the Caps a lot more closely, and not let slide some stuff they'd let a "finesse" team get away with.