Friday, December 01, 2006

Heward Update

Mike Vogel is reporting more information on his blog about the injury to Jamie Heward last night - guys, this one was ugly. You know those times when you see a lot of blood from what turns out to be just a small cut? This was not one of those times...and this makes the second time in two weeks that a Cap has been facially mangled. This just in - hockey players are tough.

Apparently Jamie spent three and a half hours getting stitched up, and it was so deep that it took between 100 and 200 stitches to finally close up the wound. It cut a little bit of the facial muscle, too, although the nerves impacted by the cut will probably regenerate according to the team physicians.

The team is listing his availability as week-to-week, but everything sounds good for a full recovery so that's enough for me. Now it's up to plastic surgeons to restore Jamie to his previous glory :)

I've already posted a comment on Ted's blog and I hope you all do the same but I want to again send my best wishes for Jamie's full recovery!

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