Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Longer an Also-Ran

Can I get a hell yeah?

You have to love the increase in attention and respect paid to the Caps over the past few weeks. It's definitely well-deserved and long overdue. I guess losing only once in regulation over your last 9 games tends to make people sit up and take notice, huh?

Of course, we have to take these power rankings with a grain of salt. They've got us all over the board, some listing us at 15th or 16th, others at 12th or 13th, and my personal favorite, ESPN, who place the Caps at 9th place. That's top ten, baby!

What can be taken from all of this is the fact that the Caps are seen as an increasingly talented, tough team to play against. It's a team that goes beyond the glow of one superstar, consisting of a squad of hard-nosed youngsters who can score goals almost as pretty as Alex and Alex...all while laying out some serious body checks and the occasional punch to the nose.

I would like to say that the days are gone when players will make comments like "we can't underestimate our opponent" when referring to the Caps, or when teams losing to the Caps will use the excuse of being tired or looking past the game to a tougher opponent to explain their fall. But I know we'll continue to read those types of quotes until the ultimate validation - that shiny silver trophy at the end of the rainbow.

Still, it's nice to see this little scrappy team from the District is making people pay attention...

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FS said...

It's almost 3, and there's no recap of last night's debacle? Are we hiding our heads in the sand about that game?