Monday, December 11, 2006

4 Goals...the Most Dangerous Lead in Hockey

This whole taking the lead than giving up the lead thing is getting old.

So is the not showing up for second periods, either entirely or just in part.

And the whole losing to the Penguins thing.

And Penguins fans in general. Okay, we get it. You guys are all enormous jackasses. No need to advertise that fact every waking second, especially when every single one of you leaves the big ArmPitt to

Clearly I'm bitter; if you saw the game you can hardly blame me. I had a whole list of rants to go up here, but after having read one of my fellow Caps bloggers' recaps I have nothing new to add. Everything I was going to write is in there, so instead I'm going to try and sleep this one off. After all, tomorrow is another day.

So I'll be back tomorrow with insights from a cooler head and stories from section 417.


Victor said...

That freakin' sucked.

Best laugh of the night: Someone put small pictures of Crosby with a caption reading I'M THIRSTY! in the urinals behind my section. Normally, no one likes to hear that much laughter in the men's room...

CapsChick said...

That's pretty funny - see, at least we're creative in how we express our inferiority complex. It also gave me great joy to see those old "Puck Fittsburgh" signs scattered around the arena. Classic.

FS said...

Actually, those were new "Puck Fittsburgh" signs being distributed by DC 101. They made some more and distributed them on the concourse along the lower level.

CapsChick said...

Ah. They're still good, I'm glad they continued the tradition at least.

FS said...

I just wish we'd stop the tradition of choking against the Pens.