Sunday, December 03, 2006

For Your Viewing Pleasure

The video of the incident is now posted on YouTube:

After reviewing it for the 7 millionth time, I still think the game misconduct was and any league action would be completely over the top. Pay attention to Ovechkin right at the beginning of the clip - he's already heading for Briere. Now look at him stop striding and just as he's about to hit him, Briere turns his back. It obviously looks scarier in slow motion, but you have to remember that the whole thing happened in less than 5 seconds.

Think how quickly you would react in a similar situation and see if you could stop...

Incidentally there have been some comments out there that Briere may have embellished the fall a bit. I think people need to be very careful saying things like that - regardless of whether the hit merits suspension, that was a hell of a fall and I don't think he had to "perform" to get some help. Briere's a classy guy...we as Caps fans should not treat him with anything less than respect and I'm glad that he's okay.

I'd say I'm done commenting on this incident now because I think the clip really speaks for itself, but I'm sure there will be more layers to this situation over the next few days - I'll keep you posted.


Michael said...

As a Sabres fan, I do have a couple things to say. Do I think AO is a dirty player, absolutely not. What he did was careless. But did he deserve the ejection, I think so. I think anytime you get a boarding major, you should be tossed. Ask Eric Cole what can happen in five seconds.

The bigger issue is the hits from behind, whether intentional or not. The league is so worried about the image of fighting, when this is a bigger threat, yet I don't hear too much about it.

As for December 26th, once Donald Brashear and Andrew Peters square off, maybe we'll be able to get on with the game.

CapsChick said...

Actually, I'm starting to agree with you on the ejection after all, more as a way to prevent such hits in the future from anyone. I think it sends a message if it's automatic, as you suggest it should be. And it was careless...I think we all can agree on that point.

I think you're right, though - Brash and Peters can settle this in a few weeks and we can all move on.

By the way, thanks for proving my point that most Sabres fans, like most Caps fans, are willing to debate this in a calm and intelligent manner, without name-calling, and without calling for bodily harm from either side...

michael said...

By the way I know this is over a week old, but on Coach's Corner Saturday, good ol' Grapes Cherry was up in arms that #8 didn't get suspended for his hit on Daniel Briere while Dallas Drake got 2 games for a blatant charging (leaving his skates to deliver a forearm shiver). Of course Don Cherry hates anyone who isn't Canadian and has a soft spot for anyone from Kingston, like Dougie Gilmour, Kirk Muller and the Tragically Hip.

Now we can have closer, at least until December 26.

CapsChick said...

I had heard something to that effect but hadn't seen a clip of him yet. Don Cherry drives me absolutely insane - I remember watching him mock Europeans and pick on guys because they wore visors. He's nothing more than a sideshow and while he's good for the occasional laugh or soundbyte, I take whatever he says with a grain of salt.