Monday, December 11, 2006

Better Than Standing in the Shower...

- Ovechkin's latest commercial will also feature Caps' owner (and founder of the blogger outreach program) Ted Leonsis - check out the behind-the-scenes article and accompanying slideshow for Ovie's brush with the limelight.

Wonder if Sabres fans will say he should be suspended for that hit on the vending machine...
oh, now, Buffalo faithful, don't get your pants in a twist - I'm just teasing. Said with love and respect, I swear.

- So all that this hype for tonight's game is doing is making me antsy and unproductive at work...was that their plan? Because if it was, I don't think I'm the target audience. I'm already in, they sold me, I'm hooked - I'll be at the game while recording it on Versus (my life was so meaningless and empty before DVR), and if I wasn't at the game I'd be watching.

For those of you who have checked in more than once today, you may notice that the list of articles in the gameday preview has grown considerably. That's because every hockey writer in North America wants to do a story on Ovie vs. Sid the Kid...and they're taking their sweet time doing it. Would it be too much to ask as a lowly blogger to get those stories out the night before?

Come on, guys - I have work to do.

Really. Seriously.


FS said...

Why are you giving respect to Sabres fans? They haven't done anything to earn it.

CapsChick said...

A couple of reasons:

a) I've actually had productive, calm and mature debates with a Sabres fan (on HLOG - just another example of the difference between men and women) and I don't want to make her mad; and

b) because I choose to take the high road...unless we're talking about Penguins fans. Or Flyers fans. Or Rangers fans. Then all bets are off. If Sabres fans remain as obnoxious over a long period of time, then we'll talk.

FS said...

You must not remember 1998. Or last year. Sabres fans have been the worst in the league for a long time.

Last season, the DC police had to come into Verizon Center twice during hockey games, both Sabres games.