Monday, December 25, 2006

Back to Reality

A very Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends out there, and a belated Happy Chanukah to my fellow members of the tribe. I hope this holiday season finds everyone in a festive mood, because we're heading into that wonderful 4 games in 5 days patch of the schedule all the sportswriters have us so freaked out about.

Just a few thoughts and musings as we shake off the holiday rust:

- Here's hoping the Caps took it easy on the turkey and egg nog this year - we'll need them alert and ready to go as they take on some tough customers over the next week. Tomorrow night kicks it all off with the rematch in Buffalo (gameday preview to come later), followed by a home meeting with Les Habitants, Le Bleu Blanc et Rouge, the Canadiens de Montreal. Then a much needed day off precedes a two day, two game trip up to the Garden State and the Big Apple Friday and Saturday night. Whew. I'm tired just writing about it!

- What was with all the goyim at the movies today? Seriously, folks, do what you're supposed to do on your holy day - attend church, watch It's a Wonderful Life, eat Christmas goose and go a wassailing...okay, maybe I don't actually know what you all do on Christmas (or what wassailing is). Just leave the movies and Chinese food to the rest of us.

But peace, love and joy to you all :)

- As has been discussed at length and ad nauseum among other Caps fans over the last week, the Penguins remain without an owner, without a new arena and possibly without an East Coast mailing address for much longer. Gee, maybe there is a Santa Claus...

- Dave Fay is either a jinx or a psychic. Every time he prints something about the Caps being healthy or getting players back from injury, three more guys drop out of the linuep. Lucky for us, the callups so far have done what was asked of them - don't get hurt, don't get into any trouble, and don't fall down when Mats Sundin is breaking into the Caps zone.

Oh, wait...

- See, guys? There are women at hockey games who don't wear midriff-bearing shirts (*cough* Ice Girls *cough*), who know what offside is...who know how to spell offside...

Thanks to Jordi at the HLOG
(via Kukla's Korner) for finding the article.

That's all the rants and ramblings I have in me for now.

Coming soon: Gameday Preview. Caps. Sabres. Throwdown in downtown Buffalo.

Can you feel the excitement?

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Jordi said...

I love that the female fans are regular girls. They're not blonde and in tight tshirts. I mean I hate it when the tv pans to a girl with a low cut top in a way to show an enthusiastic female fan. The real fans are the people who are mothers, daughters or wives and get into hockey the same way their male counterparts tend to.