Thursday, December 28, 2006

Caps Nation is Alive and Well

Um, has anyone noticed that the Caps blogger part of my links section is almost as long as the General NHL blogroll? We're starting to create a bit of an army that's growing every frickin' cool.

Okay, maybe cool is too strong a word - after all, we're talking computer stuff here.

What's funny is bloggers from other teams are starting to comment on it to me, saying things like "holy crap you guys have a lot of bloggers!"

(I didn't say the comments were Shakespearean, just that they were made.)

Of course we all know why the number keeps growing - if the local media isn't going to cover our boys, we'll just have to do it for them (and we have the freedom of avoiding that whole pesky "journalistic integrity" thing). Don't believe me? Check out how many blogs there are for Montreal...Toronto...Buffalo...3, maybe 4, good, quality blogs dedicated to these teams. And it's because those teams get regular local print and TV coverage. There's no void to fill.

So with 20+ in the Caps blogger ranks, let's just say the bar has been raised for the next blogger viewing party - I expect to see all of you there!


Mr. Smooth said...

I heart the blogs about the Caps. They are a fun bunch to watch and follow and I can't believe that D.C. would rather follow the story of the losing Maryland Potatoes instead of the energetic, "hardest working team" in hockey. Keep up the great work and I think that I'll have to drop by one of the blogger HH's.

Jordi said...

I agree, wow. I mean how many are there!? I wonder why there aren't many english Habs blogs. There's definitely plenty of them calling for (underachieving player)'s heads in the forums.

CapsChick said...

There have to be at least 22 or 23 the last time I counted, and I'm sure I'm missing some.

We've got an exciting team here for once, and I think that combined with the lack of attention paid to hockey around here has created this little online community. It's awesome!

(And don't worry, Jordi - plenty of people in our forum calling for Player X's head on any given night, too...)

Caps Nut said...

I don't think it has very much to do with the lack of local coverage.

While the cynic in me says it has more to do with Ted's offer of Press passes to "established bloggers," I have to say I really can't explain the explosion in Caps bloggers.

What should be interesting is just how many of these bloggers are still up and running a year from now. Because I will admit, this is harder work than I thought it would be.

CapsChick said...

Caps Nut: It's definitely harder than I thought it would be, too - it takes up a lot of time!

I'm still going with lack of coverage, combined with an exciting team, combined with the timing of the general blog explosion, but I could definitely be wrong. We should get sociologists to study this phenomenon :)

For whatever reason, though, our team seems to have more bloggers than any other team, and that in itself is pretty amazing.

gustafsson said...

Luckily, there are four of us doing OFB. Our blog became an extension of a long established yahoo group in which we were involved.

I don't know how you single-author blogs keep it going. It is a lot of work. Congrats to you.