Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Caps Bloggers Unite!

- Just a quick note to let all my fellow Caps' bloggers know about the brainstorm from the author of the Kevin Hatcher Fan Club to get a group together for Friday night's Caps-Thrash game. He's currently in the process of finding a place that will be showing the game (thanks, NC8) but be sure to check his blog for details as they become available. You can also check out Off Wing Opinion, if only to read my e-mail to all of you...

- I hate this damn schedule - I have nothing of interest to write about or rant about, which is unsettling to me in so many ways. I do love to rant.

- Ovie was a Frozen Moment on (link is officially defunct, but I saved the picture). By my count that's at least the third or fourth frozen moment featuring the Caps...and I think all of them have been either a goal or scoring chance by our boys!

- Some assorted news and notes from around the league:
  • The Flames won their tenth straight home game in decisive fashion last night, beating the Minnesota Wild 5-2 to set a franchise record. Jarome Iginla had 2 goals and 2 assists in the victory. Yeah, not bad...
  • Peter Bondra (remember him?) made his debut with the Chicago Blackhawks last night and scored his 499th goal as the Blackhawks defeated the Blues in a true clash of the titans. Incidentally, Peter's daughter has decided to attend Georgetown...congrats to the little Bonzai!
  • Alex Ovechkin remains in second place among Eastern Conference forwards - that's good, but still not enough as he now trails Crosby by over 230,000 votes...speaking of which, have you all heard about the Penguins offering laptops for voting at games? Apparently the Caps are going to start doing that, but one wonders if it will be enough.

Posting may be a bit sporadic between now and Friday - there's just not that much going on with the Caps and I may actually try to do some work, you know, since I'm getting paid. If you're bored, feel free to swing on by the HLOG for discussions that are always lively; there's a particularly mean post about Penguins fans on there by yours truly.

If that doesn't float your boat check out any of the reputable and disreputable links provided for your clicking pleasure.

I'll be back with a gameday preview very early Friday morning (provided nothing exciting happens between now and then)...


FS said...

Peter's daughter is going to college next year? Dang I feel old.

Biff said...

Don't worry too much about the schedule. After Christmas, the Caps play four games in five nights.

CapsChick said...

FS: I know, I felt like I should go purchase some denture cream or something. Bonzai was really young when he had kids, though, I hadn't realized.

Biff: I guess these long gaps have a way of balancing out with the crazy schedule. I'll probably complain about that too - lots of gameday previews and recaps = lots of work. I'm just never happy... :)