Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mini Gameday Preview

Just a few quick notes on tonight's game:

- The Capitals' battle with the stomach flu continues, as it now looks like the three guys who played through their illness last night are paying for it now - Clark, Pothier and Green all played against the Devils despite showing symptoms before and during the game (ew) and are probably out. The one that really concerns me is Clark...not that I don't care about the health of the other two, but Clark is the captain and has consistently been one of the best players on the Caps every night.

Even if he is throwing up in between periods.

Hopefully Sutherby, Eminger and Pettinger got some rest in Manhattan and will be ready to go tonight, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Which begs the question - at what point do we just chuck it all and bring up the entire Hershey squad?

- I'm getting a little tired of people writing gleeful tales about upcoming matches with the Caps as though the win has already occurred. AP has done it twice before the Caps played the Devils, and the Rangers' website has practically given the Rangers a win before the puck is even dropped: "Every once in awhile, the NHL schedule comes through for a team, serving up the right game at the right time."

Their evidence for this? 4 straight home wins against the Caps: "These four gems from the past suggest that fans at tonight's game are in for a treat. What better opponent could be here for the final home game of the 2006 calendar year?"

Wow, 4 games. Quick, alert the NHL hall of fame - there's a record that will never be beaten.

And I love that they comment on Jagr's lack of production lately and how he is always cured by playing his old team. They must not have been watching the last Caps-Rags game, because last time I checked he had no goals and no assists in that one...

Blah. I'm cranky and bitter.

Have a nice day!

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