Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who Knew?

I found this great article on - yes, that's right, the same that considers hockey to be on the same level as paintball championships.

Actually lower than paintball...that's still on ESPN last time I checked. What a great sport.

But I digress.

So this article talks about how everyone is complaining about the NHL schedule and why - basically there's nothing really wrong with the sport, so fans (and by fans he means the puckheads like me and probably you) have to find something to whine about. I couldn't agree more. Yes, I understand the reasons some people are upset about the "unbalanced" schedule, but I don't think it's killing the sport. So Edmonton and Pittsburgh only get to play twice every three years. What a shame that bitter rivalry can't be extended, right?

Would I like to see the Penguins or Rangers more? Sure. But am I starting to hate our division rivals? Absolutely.

I have teams to hate and a Caps game on the schedule for tonight's activities. Basically I'm a pretty happy hockey fan right now and that, my friends, is rare.

Quick, someone give me something to bitch about.

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