Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Updates, Pilgrims and Thanksgiving Tacos

- Updated lineups per Vogel/Capitals Insider:

8-Ovechkin, 9-Zubrus, 17-Clark
18-Pettinger, 21-Laich, 20-Zednik
10-Bradley, 16-Sutherby, 27-Clymer
87-Brashear, 15-Gordon, 38-Klepis

2-Pothier, 26-Morrisonn
6-Heward, 52-Green
4-Erskine, 44-Eminger

Havelid is in Sweden at his mother's funeral, so Mark Popovic will be in the lineup for the Thrashers. Thanks to Logan for the tip, and our sympathies to Havelid on his loss...


  • Muir will have a seat, Eminger is back in - it's a little 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other, isn't it? They seem to be alternating on having good and bad nights. I'm looking for both of them to start stepping it up a bit and playing consistently well like they are capable of.
  • Laich gets a shot at more ice time and a chance to redeem himself, as he moves in to center Pettinger and Zednik. Although he's tied for last on the team (poor Benny) with -7, he's played better in his last few chances. That line looks very fast but they've also got a little edge, so they're not just flash - hopefully they can do some damage against an equally fast Atlanta team.
  • Klepis moves down to the 4th line - it's obviously going to take more than one good outing to get him on Hanlon's good side. I'd like to see him earn extra minutes again tonight.

- Holiday greetings from Canada, eh? Dan Steinberg's at it again, this time talking to the Caps about their turkey day plans. They range from the traditional to the, well...odd.

Pothier's turkey, football and passing out on the couch sounds awfully familiar, while transplanted Canadians Heward and Pettinger seem to be adopting the American traditions in their own right. And how cute is it that Bradley is going over to Pettinger's house for dinner?

Meanwhile, Eminger apparently likes Thanksgiving with a hint of Mexican, while Sutherby likes his with a side of surreal French Canadian acrobatics. Ben Clymer will be at a restaurant with his dad, and Bryan Muir is planning a big day out to Boston Market. parents always seem to pick up Thanksgiving orphans - wonder how they'd feel about a couple of hockey players (and one hockey dad) around their dinner table?

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