Saturday, November 11, 2006

PreCap Wrap-Up

I checked in with the boys over at the PreCap Report - believe it or not, this was my first time listening to it and I really liked it.

A few things of note:
- Updated lineup for tonight, with Semin now on a line with Klepis and Pettinger and Fleischmann sliding down to the 4th line with Brashear and Gordon. Interesting move - it would be nice to see that jump start the offense for both Semin and Fleischmann
- Jamie Heward and Richard Zednik both skated at the morning skate today and while both look close to 100% it is unlikely that either will be in the lineup tonight.
- The new practice facility is supposed to be pretty amazing and looks more like an NHL rink than a community rink, which is great. First day in and the boys have already damaged the new digs, by the way - apparently an errant slapshot cracked one of the panes of glass around the ice, but it was repaired after practice and appeared not to delay practice in any way.

Well, what can I's kind of a klutzy team.

- The Rangers' last win at MCI/Verizon Center was back in November of 2000, so it looks like they have a little winless streak of their own going. We've seen a few of those streaks fall by the wayside in the Caps' favor - let's hope this one stays on track.
- has been named the website for the ultimate hockey franchise by - I'm not sure where it is, but as soon as I find a link I'll throw it up here. Regardless, it's well-deserved accolades for what I think is a great site, especially compared to some of the stinkers around the league (and I have spent my fair share of time on other teams' sites, believe me...)

That's about it for now - I'll be at Verizon Center checking out our boys against the Evil Empire. I hope to have nothing but good things to report...

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