Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thrasher Thrashing

For a breakdown of most of tonight's game, you could probably check out anyone's postgame wrap-up from the November 3 game between these two teams - they're virtually identical.

The Caps again jumped out to a lead in the first and successfully shut down the Thrashers with strong forechecking. They then extended their lead to two goals in the second until, once again, the wheels came off in the middle frame. A 3-goal explosion by Atlanta, albeit in just under 7 minutes this time, again put the Caps behind going ino the third period. A combination of poor defense, unlucky bounces and deflections gave the Thrashers all the offense they would need to finish off the Caps for a 4th straight time.

Usually after a game like tonight's I wouldn't be in the mood to write about the Caps at all, let alone find the positive side. But there were some good things, and with the way the game ended I found myself in a much better mood despite the score. Plus you know me...I'm a silver lining type of gal!

- Jakub Klepis - I know he had that horrible turnover that led to Kovalchuk's 'nail-in-the-coffin' goal, but Jakie had a really good game and factored in to both Caps tallies tonight. You can tell he's got some confidence, and he was rewarded with increased playing time as well as some shifts on the specialty teams.

- The Last 2 Minutes - All you people out there who hate fighting in hockey, turn your heads now. To everyone else - those were some good fisticuffs. Starting with Clymer taking on Sutton for a late hit on Green, it soon descended into an extended brawl. Brashear, Bradley, Erskine, Sutherby, Heward (who took on Mellanby in a battle of the geriatrics...) and even Ovie - all came out and sent a message to Atlanta that they would not go quietly. There was literally blood on the ice, which was actually kind of gross. The last two minutes of the game took about 20 in real time, but I loved seeing it. The Caps are really becoming a team and the next meeting between Washington and Atlanta should be an interesting one.

Anyone want to take bets on when this one will be up on YouTube?

- Hanlon - he's really become a master of the line shuffle over the last few games, both before the puck drops and throughout the game. He's turning it into an art form, getting exactly the matchups he wants and searching for that elusive chemistry. Give him extra credit for a blatant and wonderful disregard for whatever suspensions and/or fines may result by putting Brashear, Bradley and Erskine on the ice all at the same time.

So with that, I'd like to wish everyone a very safe and happy thanksgiving whatever your plans may be - turkey or tacos, football or French Canadian circus.

And to my Canadian Thursday!

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Biff said...

I'm very much on the fence about fighting in the NHL, but seeing Brashear beat the snot out of Vishnevski and leaving him a bloody mess brought a smile to my face.

Better than that, though, was seeing Captain Courageous getting right in the thick of things, facemask, missing teeth, screws in his mouth and all.