Thursday, November 02, 2006

Brace Yourselves

- Just a quick note, I couldn't resist...I was surfing the 'net for my gameday preview and I happened upon Scott Burnside's latest column on Purely an accident, I promise. Anyways, it wasn't really about the Caps at all, just a rundown on the battle for Southeast supremacy between Carolina and Atlanta. As I was scanning the article, though, I noticed this:

"With all due respect to the rest of the division -- Tampa Bay, Florida and the surprising Washington Capitals -- the division figures to be a two-horse race the rest of the way between the reigning champs and the upstarts from Atlanta, the team that would be king."

I'm sorry, am I having a stroke?! He just called us surprising! And not in an "Oh my god, it's so surprising how much the Caps suck" kind of way, but in a good way. Okay, maybe it's not the highest praise, but it means we're starting to get a little respect.

From Scott Burnside.

Well, it's a start.

- The Barenaked Ladies will be singing the national anthem at tomorrow night's game against the Thrashers...and I will be there!!! Yeah, baby!

Maybe they'll sing the Canadian anthem too, just because. It could happen...

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