Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day is Done, Gone the Sun...

...and here I am, typing away.

Just a few thoughts before I head off to bed with hopes and dreams of a Caps' win over the Canes dancing in my head:

- Be sure to check out Google's NHL classic and current games - long overdue in my opinion, but still a good move by the NHL to get the game out there even more. Hey, they were bound to have a good marketing idea eventually, right?

Sorry, this has been available for a long time but I'm slow and am just adding it to my links now...enjoy!

- I finally had a chance to catch up on the Caps Report - I've only missed, oh, the last 17 or so. Anyways, here are some highlights for those of you who may not have the patience or desire to sit and listen for an hour each week:

  • Jamie Heward is questionable for tomorrow's game in Raleigh, nursing the ever-popular and ever-enigmatic upper body injury. It will likely be a morning skate decision, and if he's out someone will be called up (down?) from Hershey.
  • Rumor and innuendo that the dunking of outgoing PR guy Corey Masse was engineered by "the Godfather", aka Olie...that may have been clear to everyone else from Steinberg's description of Ovie peeking at Olie over the press corps before it happened, but I missed it and found it belatedly funny. Masse's description was pretty priceless - he said he was draped between Ovie and Brash forever as they tried to decide whether to dunk him in hot or cold water...
  • More talk about the schedule and the resulting status quo from the GM's meeting a few days ago. I haven't had a chance to weigh in on this, but I personally don't hate the schedule as much as most people seem to. I like that the Caps play the Eastern teams more and I like that they aren't put through the wear and tear of east-west travel so much. I do think the revolving 3-year schedule could be changed so you see all the teams at least once, and 8 games versus division rivals is a bit much, but they'll take a look at it once this first cycle is done next season.
    • Vogel actually had a decent idea about making 2 larger divisions in each conference, throwing the Caps back in with the Pens, Flyers, et al - you maintain the division rivals without being subjected to the same teams 8 times, and you would get to see the other conference a bit more. We'll see what happens. Moving on...
  • Defense of Zubie's presence on the first line, which I completely agree with - anyone who says he shouldn't be up there just has to look at the production from not only Zubrus but Ovie and Clark as well to see that he belongs. By the way, Ovie and Zubie are roommates on the road. I would love to be a Russian-speaking fly on the wall in that room...
  • A little picking on Raleigh at the end - Vogel and Corey Masse are apparently going to go paint the Ruby Tuesday's red then hit the pool hall after tomorrow night's game. Nice.
And that's it for now - more tomorrow with the gameday preview of yet another fun-filled Caps/Canes showdown.

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