Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I'm still coming down off my high from last night's win - I don't know what it is, but something about beating the Flyers just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside...and too lazy to type anything overtly original.

Instead, I have to again point you in the direction of Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog on I don't know how I missed this the other day, but he had one of the funniest posts I've ever read and I'm kicking myself for not putting a link up earlier. If you haven't seen it, read it immediately - it will prolong any good mood hangover from last night, I assure you.

Just take a look at the little snippet I've stolen from his post:

Clymer [complaining]: My caller ID hasn't shown Sutherby all year.

Brian Sutherby [explaining]: He's not on my line any more.

Clymer: See, that's how you've changed.

Sutherby: Hey, some of us are moving up in this world.

Clymer: That's what happens when you get a letter on your shirt.

Laich: I don't rememer there being an 'A' in Sutherby.

Clymer: You had to think about that one, didn't you.

Seriously - priceless. I almost peed myself when I read that, and when I saw the list of music on Ovie's iPod. I think Andrea Bocelli is the work of Zubrus...

Random thoughts:
- I had to laugh last night when I saw Olie grab Clymer's jersey in excitement after the game and congratulate him by shaking him back and forth. That's what he does when he's happy, folks.

- Does anyone else think it's odd that this team, our Capitals, have 3 of their 4 wins on the road?

- Voting for the NHL All-Star Game will open on November 15th on - everyone get those mouse fingers warmed up, time to get our boys in there!

- Prolonging the Afterglow (courtesy of the mainstream and not so mainstream media):
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