Thursday, November 30, 2006

Recap Scraps

Just a few more things of note about tonight's game, obtained from the reliable mainstream media and more reliable bloggers in the DC-area...

- Heward was cut on the cheek with Modano's skate blade...ouch. Poor Jamie, that sounds really painful and looked it too. Luckily it looks like it missed his eye, and hopefully he'll just need a few stitches before he's ready to go again.

- Halpern said after the game that it was the worst game he's played - understandable with all the emotion of the evening. I'm sure he wanted to prove himself in front of the hometown crowd, which I'm sure was not helping him loosen up. There was some nice footage of Halpy chatting with Clark and Olie after the game, which was nice to see.

- More reasons why Caps fans won't miss George Michael: I tuned in to the end of News 4 tonight and caught the end of the sports wrap-up, where I learned some things I hadn't known - for instance, did you know that Pettinger's first name is Mack? Also, he apparently scored his breakaway goal in the third period when the Caps were leading 2-1...funny, I must have missed that, being distracted by his goal in the second period.

Lastly, the Caps handed a defeat to the Dallas North Stars. Um, okay...sure.

Just par for the course, I guess.


FS said...

at least George Michale is doing Caps highlights. I didn't see any on the CBS 11 o'clock news.

Netsrak said...

Oh sure, take Ol' Leatherface's side, FS.

I love how Michael feels the need to overdub crowd noise and sound effects onto sports highlights. Every time he does a recap of a Wizards game, you hear an audio loop of squeaking basketball shoes which never synchs up to whatever's being shown. One of these days I want to hear Michael accidentally overdub the squeaking shoe sounds onto a Caps highlight.

Oh well, Michael is no more disinterested in the Capitals as Comcast SportsNet's own anchorpeople. (During each intermission report I pray for there to be a highlight featuring Flyers goalie Antero Niittymaki-- just to hear that delightful pause before the anchorperson takes a stab at the last name.)

Rob said...

Like Netsrak said, Michael's dubbing of the crowd noise is horrible. It's NEVER in sync with what actually happens. I'm surprised you could actually stand to watch him... I stopped a long time ago -- in fact, I generally don't watch local sportscasters (save for the ocassional SportNite), and every time I watch GM, Dave Feldman (the best of the lot) or the others, I remember why.