Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dear God, What Have I Done?!?

Just an innocent mention of something I saw on Tampa's website (that incidentally makes my stomach turn just a little) and this is what happens.


I personally would stage a protest if these women were to suddenly appear at Caps games - it bugs me that I have to see them on TV when the Caps are in Carolina or Tampa, there's no way I want to watch a hockey game live with silicone right in my face. No thanks, I'd rather watch at home.

If the Caps have to stoop this low to improve attendance, something is very wrong. To all you men out there - if scantily clad women who can't string a complete sentence together are the only draw for you at a hockey game, you'd be better off saving your money, staying home, and watching Fox every night. Trust me, it's the same plastic, just a different medium...and it comes complete with a laugh track.

Not that I'm against objectification per se. Actually, if intermission entertainment consisted of the players taking off their jerseys and skating around on the ice, I would be totally fine with that. Hell, I'd even bring a few dollar bills.

That may seem like a double standard...I see it more as evening the playing field a bit.

But seriously, these "Ice Chicks" or "Ice Bimbos" or whatever they're called from city to city are an embarassment. Notice how they only appear in the very non-hockey towns down south - you won't see these Hooters rejects at the Bell Centre or in Boston. I'd like to think that we in Washington are above that sort of crap as well - aside from being offensive, I think it would be a distraction from what is, to me, a highly entertaining game all on its own. (The fact that there are scantily-clad "cheerleaders" at boring football games only serves to prove my point.)

So 6 hours until "Silicone on Ice"...maybe they'll fall. They are awfully top heavy.


Biff said...

To be fair, there is at least one northern team with a dance team/ice girls. And heaven knows every team should try to model themselves after the New York Islanders.

CapsChick said...

Absolutely, sounds good - let's sign Muir to a 25 year contract. :)

The Acid Queen said...

Ah yes, the Gold and Diamond Source Camel Toe Queens.

Love how they digitally manipulated those photos so you can't see the cottage cheese in Alison's butt or the raging case of camel toe that the girls have from their too-tight outfits.

hockeygirl said...

And people wonder why I had to do that SuperPost...

Jordi said...

I've talked to some people who had friends or relatives who are one of the cheerleaders in some ice hockey games. Personally, I can live without it to a certain extent. I think of it as intermission entertainment as long as they do a great routine or whatever. But the cameras don't just zoom to them between calls just so the girls can pump up the crowd.

On the other hand, I'm sure some of the girls there are perfectly innocent people who want a job in dancing or something like that. I'd rather see the girls face limited exposure because they have little purpose in the game. I doubt people just buy tickets for the girls and hopefully if it's ridiculous it'll be scrapped.

WFY said...

Boston has them too, one of their ice girls won Japers Rink's Ice Girls pagent, barely beating Jagr.

Did you ever notice that pro cheerleaders usually aren't pretty?

CapsChick said...

Aw, man - I thought I was being smart and wouldn't have to do any research on this. Okay, yes - some Northern teams have these dance teams. I know there aren't any in Montreal, though...right?

Anyways, I mean no disrespect to these women specifically - I'm sure they are very nice, I just don't think they belong in hockey. Even if they made it a mix of men and women "cheerleaders", which would be slightly better, I would still be annoyed with them.

At least I'm not alone in thinking they have no place in hockey...

"You're cheerleading? There's no cheerleading in hockey!"

Michael Turner said...

We have two groups here in Columbus.

The first one is the Pepsi Patrol. Fortunately, they're equal-opportunity, and actually also have guys on the "team". So it's really just a pep squad more than anything else. I don't got a problem with them per se, and they help out with intermission/commercial break things such as t-shirts and stuff.

Sadly, they did add ice girls this season: the Mountain Dew Ice Girls. *Sighs.* It actually used to be 4-5 of them, and they'd come out during commercial breaks to gather up built up ice shavings. But they did reduce it to just 2-3, and now have actual arena guys coming on and getting the ice around goalie nets.