Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rapid Fire

- The new Kettler Capitals Iceplex (aka the Ballston practice facility) is finally opening it's doors to the public and, later this month, to the Caps. I'm excited because this means I can stalk, er, watch them practice without shelling out the dough to rent a car.

The training center alone could eat my entire apartment 20+ times and still have room for an efficiency for dessert...I'm just saying, it's huge.

- Good attitudes all around after what ended up being a pretty decent road trip for the Caps. Now if they can just win on Friday against the Thrashers I'll be happy...until the next game.

I'm fickle.

- Now I know we're the bottom rung of the DC sports ladder, but what is up with the Washington Times? No news on the Caps since Sunday - it's been all basketball and football for the last couple of days, and you know how I love that. It's okay, it's not like the Caps did anything lately...except finish a four game road trip with a win. Nope, I'd rather read more about Al Saunders and his damn play book.

- Last but not least, I'm very excited to announce that I will be contributing to an all-female hockey blog called hlog {Hockey's Ladies of Greatness} starting today. So far I'm the only SE division contributor, which means I can bitch about the other teams in our division without being attacked...for now.

It's a great way for you guys out there to get the inside scoop on the female mind, or at least the hockey-obsessed female mind. Be sure to check it out!

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