Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poor Benny, Take 2

Ben Clymer has taken a lot of heat this season for not playing at the same level as last year - I won't lie, I picked on him a bit. I will say that after returning from his groin injury a week or two ago it seemed like something was a little off, but there's no way I saw this coming:

So let me get this straight...Clymer injured himself in the first game of the year. He then proceeded to play 66 games, injury and all, and still managed to pick up 20 points.


I know that his performance hasn't been great this year and we all certainly expected more from him, particularly after the way he played last season. It is good to have a concrete reason for at least some of his troubles though. I hope this surgery will be the cure to his woes and the jump on rehab will get him back to us in game shape for next season.

Best of luck to Ben on his recovery - looking forward to next year!

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