Friday, March 02, 2007

Boo-Boos Galore

Was anyone else watching last night's game and wondering why on god's green earth Hanlon would put Clymer, Pothier and Brashear out in the shootout before sending Matt Pettinger?

Maybe it was just me.

Anyways, it turns out there was a good reason, as Matt broke his thumb blocking a shot and is likely out for the rest of the season. More good news - Boyd Gordon injured his knee and is out 10-14 days. At least one player from Hershey will be called up, likely Alexandre Giroux...which is the only good thing about this, as he's currently lighting up the AHL and I'd love to see him in action (now that I know who he is).

Yay. So much for finishing out the season with dignity. *Sigh*

Come on, #1 DRAFT PICK!

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