Sunday, March 11, 2007

Golf, Anyone?

If there was any doubt over the last few days or weeks that my fanaticism has waned, one only has to look at the fact that I recorded tonight's game and just finished watching it. Fanaticism alive and well, ladies and gentlemen.

So what's to be said...well, the Caps played a much better game tonight than last night. It's all relative, of course, but it wasn't completely painful to watch and that's a start.

Three thoughts, and then I'm out because I just have no energy:

- DiPietro was unbelievable for the Islanders tonight. He was the only reason the Caps took so long to break their shutout streak and the only reason the Caps didn't pull out a win.

- The CBS line looked good from the start, lots of energy, lots of physicality. In fact, it was almost reminiscent of their performance last year. Oh, and that great move by Clymer late in the game that bounced off one post...through the crease...and off the other...ARRRRRGGGGHHHH

- Brashear. Is. Hilarious. Even when he doesn't mean to be. (Oh, and since when does Witt ever back down from a fight in one game, let alone two straight?)

So the Caps play badly one night, going through the motions, and come away with a loss. The next night they play well, they bring some energy...and again come away with a loss.

Bring on the offseason.

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