Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey, Pittsburgh, Your Fly is Open...HA! Made You Look

I've been too nice to the Penguins lately, don't you think? Time for a little therapy, also known as "pick on my favorite target" time...

*Ahem* Please read that headline carefully, kids!

Grrr. Of course he is.

What, you thought he was actually going to sell them? Nope, this was yet another round of Mario's favorite game, "Made You Look!" You have to admit it's a little sketchy now that a new arena deal is in place, his business plan has suddenly changed. He gets to stay in Pittsburgh and once again play the conquering hero, the man who got Pennsylvania to pony up (and I'm not saying they shouldn't have...) for a new arena and a whopping 30 year lease. He celebrates in the decrepit old Igloo with his panderers and sycophants, smirking at the signs they have painstakingly crafted in his honor.

It just gets a little old after a while. Check that, it has already gotten old.

I watched the beginning of the Penguins-Sabres game the day the arena deal was officially announced, and naturally they were talking to the little greaseball during play, so they had a little caption on the screen that said "Voice of Mario Lemieux". So I turned to my roommate and with a very serious look on my face, I said "This is the voice of God."

Okay, so I have no point. I just like calling Lepoop a little greaseball, it makes me happy.


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Anonymous said...

Jealousy is unbecoming. (By the way, do you know what "caps" mean? PUT A LID ON IT!)

CapsChick said...

Don't worry, someday all you Pittsburgh fans will be saying mean things about our owner when the Caps become good and start beating the Penguins around the Beltway.

Until then, I stand by my veiled jealousy and will continue to take advantage of my first amendment rights to make snarky comments about the Pens :)