Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Penguins Staying Put?

A Pittsburgh TV station is reporting that the Penguins have reached a deal to remain in Pittsburgh. The report cites the ever popular unidentified sources and of course was immediately refuted or "no comment"-ed when brought up to these officials with whom the Pens supposedly made a deal.

So what do we know?

Pretty much the same thing we knew yesterday. Nothing.

[I love publishing unsubstantiated rumors posing as news!]

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Geeves said...

this is a strange one. we know a deal is getting done, if for no other reason than the penguins are guaranteed to not move (there's a snowbal's chance in hell of bettman letting a team relocate to vegas, and only slightly better than that are the odds that he allows a move to KC).

nothing is confirmed yet, and noone will admit anything, but the fact that both pittsburgh papers, the most watched local TV station, and TSN.ca all have their own unnamed sources confirming it means it should be soon (a possible, if not probable, pregame announcement tonight before the buffalo game. tune in to Versus early if you can).

WFY said...

As much as I like to get down on the yinzer provincialism that Pittsburgh transplants insist on maintaining after they move here, I am glad the Pengyunz are staying put.