Saturday, March 03, 2007


I just...yeah.

How many days until the draft?


Geeves said...

i feel your pain, dear. but take heart: i truly truly believe all those statements about how the Caps of 07 are a lot like the Pens of 06.

Granted, they have duplicate russian snipers (ovie and semin) rather than an all-around playmaker (sid), but other than that, i dont see any reason why they aren't back to at least the middle of the pack by next year.

Victor said...

Two comments from my gf, who went to the game last night w/ her mom: Sometime during the game...late second period, I think...someone yelled out, "C'mon, Caps, I didn't come here for the food!"

Second: She ran into a (formerly credentialed) photographer friend (he used to sell pix to the hockey card companies), who mentioned, "How many shootouts would Peter Bondra have won for us?"

Obviously, we'll never know, but it sure makes you think, doesn't it?