Monday, November 19, 2007

Sutherby Traded

Well...there you go. I guess that answers two questions - one, how the Caps were going to make roster space for Semin and two, why Sutherby continued to see press box time.

I always liked Sudsy - he was one of those gritty, hard-working players I seem to gravitate to but also seemed like a genuinely good guy off the ice. I'll miss him, but good for Brian...I'm sure he'll see more minutes playing in Anaheim then with a team that has an excess of centers.

Best of luck to Brian with his new team.


Maal said...

Should be good for him too, being closer to home and his family. I know they came out at least two-three times a year, but now they can go down a lot more often, plus he's in the division to play the Oilers a lot more. Love him, but he definitely needed a change of scenery. He and Randy Carlisle got on real well when RC was here, too. I think it's a good move all around, but will miss him in town!

Chris & Sarah said...

Is it possible for fans to be traded?

I'll have to check the fan CBA and see how soon until I become an Unrestricted Free Fan.

CapsChick said...

C&S: Oh, now, come on - keep your chin up! Remember, this will all be worth it when the Caps hoist the Cup in a few years...right? I have to keep telling myself that to avoid the drinking binges.

In the meantime, do what I do - take another team as your "mistress". Or two. GO HABS/FLAMES GO!

Chris & Sarah said...

That was me talking.

Sarah says she's a real fan, and does not jump ship when it is sinking into the deepest depths of disrepair.