Sunday, November 25, 2007

Green the Scoring Machine

Jaromir Jagr scored this afternoon in the Rangers' 3-2 loss to Dallas, giving him a grand total of five goals this year.

That's right - for about eighteen hours, our very own Mike Green had more goals than the mighty JJ.

...I don't think Jags misses Nylander at all, do you?


Katebits said...

Ever since the Rangers started winning I have stopped paying attention to them, but I watched a lot of the game today. I couldn't believe it when they told us that was only Jagr's 5th goal of the season! Hopefully he is good and cranky, with lots of poisonous attitude for the locker room.

Victor said...

I thought his name was Puffnuts.

Shelby said...

Heh. That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

It's almost as warm and fuzzy as the feeling I get when I think about the fact that we've won 2 in a row (knock on wood).