Thursday, November 01, 2007

MSG Curse Continues/Mini Gameday Preview: Caps vs Flyers

Another well-played game, another loss.

The Caps shouldn't come away from this game with many regrets - they outplayed the Rangers for most of the night and really just had the misfortune of coming up against a very talented goalie on a hot streak.

But eventually they need to start winning the games they deserve to win. Eventually the bounces have to go their way. Because there is too much talent and too much potential on this team for them to be losing these games where they are the better team on the ice. It just can't continue.

Some thoughts:
- Boyd Gordon looks great on that top line. He, Ovechkin and Kozlov were really the best players on the ice and it was just a matter of the finish - getting the puck up and over the goalie's pads is going to have to be job one.
- Fleischmann had a very weird game in my mind. He would get pushed off the puck easily or fall down or turn over the puck or do something else "Flash-like"...and then I would make a snarky comment and he would respond by doing something marginally good. Its not me, though, I swear. I've been making snarky comments about him all season.
- Is it just me or did Sutherby look like he was on the verge of tears in that second intermission interview? He seems very can't help but feel for him.
- Speaking of Sutherby, he and Bradley were throwing the body around all night. I was very impressed. Kind of makes you want to bring Clymer back, doesn't it? A little CBS line reunion, no? Must just be me.
- I doubt I'm alone in having held my breath when Olie went down. Damn Chris Drury.
- The power play, while obviously not yielding any strikes, looked pretty impressive in the few opportunities in which it appeared.
- with...the second period?? I don't get it. I just don't.

All we can do is hope that the Caps return home with heads held high and don't change too much. They play a very tough Flyers team that is nearing the end of a long road swing and that incidentally got beat 5-2 by my Habs. After starting the season 6-1, the Flyers have cooled off a bit and have dropped three of their last four.

Things don't get much easier for Philly, either, as they continue their eight game road trip with three divisional matchups after meeting the Caps tomorrow night. Biron took the loss tonight and the Caps will probably see Niitymaaki tomorrow - hopefully they can catch Philly looking past them and get two much needed points at home before another losing streak can start.

I had the chance to catch up with one of the friendly Flyers upon his arrival in DC and he agreed to sit down for a little chat before the game.

2 minutes with...Daniel Danny Briere

CC: Daniel, thanks Mr. Briere? Are you here?
DB: It's Danny.
CC: Hang on, I think I hear a high, squeaky sound. Is that...Daniel, is that you?
DB: [yelling] It's Danny.
CC: Oh, there you are, Daniel. I didn't see you down there. Do you need a booster seat?
DB: No, I'm fine. And it's DANNY!
CC: Danny? Okay, fine, Danny. Tell me, Danny, how are you liking Philly so far?
DB: It's great because orange and black make me look taller. Don't you think I look taller?
CC: ...sure. Sure you do. But what about the hockey part, how are you enjoying playing for the Flyers?
DB: I'm really enjoying it. There are a lot of short guys in the Atlantic Division, I feel much bigger.
CC: That's...important, I guess. It's nice that you can feel a bit more like a man. Danny, in the last few years you've developed an interesting reputation among the fans in the league. What's your response when people say you're a whiner, a diver, or a compulsive spearer?
DB: They say that?
CC: Well, a few people hav- OW! Did you just spear me??
CC: You did, you just jammed your stick into my stomach!
DB: Liar. Quit being so mean to me.
CC: OW! You did it again! That's it, we're done here. Good luck with Brashear out there, Daniel.
DB: It's DANNY! DANNY DANNY DANNY! [swinging a hockey stick around] Who wants a piece of me, huh? Huh? Come on, let's go!
CC: Security!!
[Cheap Seats security moves in and flicks Briere across the room, his tiny arms and legs flailing helplessly as he soars through the air and into the fish tank]
CC: Oops. Watch out for the goldfish, he bites.


DMG said...

I agree with your assessments of the game - it's been so frustrating to watch the Caps only win 5 of 12 games thus far when they've outplayed their opponents most nights. Hopefully they can realize they're mostly in a string of bad luck and keep playing this way until some bounces start going their way and they start picking up some wins

Anonymous said...

But you didn't ask Briere how he covers the naturally green hair so well. Or where he keeps his little white overalls and pointy shoes.

Do you not SEE IT?

kristin said...

so mean!

Chris & Sarah said...

I want to know what the story was with the penalty that caused the 5 on 3 that resulted in NYR's 2nd goal. WTF is with the officiating this year? Did I miss something? Why didn't the Rangers have a man in the box as well?

We've got to do something about bad penalties if we want to start winning these close 1 or 2 goal games, but when we take penalties that make no sense, and could only be seen by some psychic ghost hunter from the Sci Fi Channel, what chance do we have?

Chris & Sarah said...

As for Daniel, I have a way to stop him dead in his tracks. All we have to do is put a couple of fake broken windows on the glass on either side of our goal. He'll be too caught up in trying to impress his fans by putting the puck through the panes next to the broken ones to realize he should be shooting on the net. Problem solved.

CapsChick said...

DMG: I think its only a matter of time - as long as they keep playing the same way things will start to click eventually. And getting Semin and Clark back at some point should help that as well.

Teka: Mean. ;)

Kristin: Teka's mean, right? Not me. You love me! RIGHT!?

C&S: I have no idea what either penalty was, to be honest, but it always seems like we get scored on when the penalty isn't real. The officiating has been brutal this season - of course, it's been bruta for everyone so we can't really use that as an excuse.

And yeah, why doesn't he try and get the puck through the already broken glass?? Such a little punk. ;)

kristin said...

Oh yeah, I was referring to Teka. She is brutal. Your fantasy/interview was funny and lighthearted. Except the part where he may or may not get eaten by a gold fish. But still not mean like Teka!

Anonymous said...

Hey, they say do what you're good at.....

now if only there was a market for "Be Verbally Abused By Caustic Short Chick" I'd be rolling in it.