Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gameday Preview: Caps vs Canes

Who: Washington Capitals vs Carolina Hurricanes
Where: Verizon Center
When: Saturday, November 24, 7:00 pm

Broadcast Info: CSN, 3WT Radio; WCNC 99.9 FM

Media Notes:
Washington Post
Washington Times
Raleigh News-Observer

Last night the Caps came out and dominated for close to sixty minutes in a hostile environment, displayed good team unity, and produced a thrilling overtime victory off the hands of a talented rookie. Now the hometown crowd will want to see it and Caps fans everywhere are just waiting for the winning streak that seems perpetually around the corner. The first game was just a warmup - tonight marks the first real test of whether the Caps have truly turned a corner or just gone through the motions.

They'll have a tough opponent to do it against, as the division-leading Hurricanes make their way to Washington off of a come from behind victory over the Lightning. Last time these two teams tangled the Caps took costly penalties early, giving up a natural hat trick to Cory Stillman and failing to beat Cam Ward even once on their way to a 5-0 rout.

If yesterday's game was any indication, though, both the penalty killing and the offense may have been reinvigorated. And if the Caps have any chance of beating the Canes, they'd better be. One thing is for sure though - the "Fire Hanlon" chants will be gone.

Get to Know...the Carolina Hurricanes
What is your favorite TV show?
Cam Ward: Seventh Heaven - it's very pure and wholesome, like me. Oh, and all the whiny kids remind me of Staal.
Erik Cole: Masterpiece Theatre...but I love a good tractor pull, too.
John Grahame: The Girls Next Door. Those girls are really,, smart.
Rod Brind'amour: America's Next Top Model.
Eric Staal: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Jordan is always the pink one...oh, did I tell you that already?
Bret Hedican: Skating with the Stars.
Glen Wesley: Golden Girls. Those girls are really,, smart.


Chris & Sarah said...

OK Now I'm starting to think you're makin' this stuff up.


usually frustrated caps fan said...

Great post CC -you crack me up. Also good thoughts. LETS GO CAPS!!!!!! I've got a lot more of my own ramblings at my blog.

And just to keep the humor rolling here's some thoughts about Violence in Hockey...

And one last time: LETS GO CAPS!!!!

Christopher said...

Brilliant. As an old Whalers fan, I really appreciate Glen Wesley's favorite TV show.

Chris & Sarah said...

Although it would be nice to see, I'm not optimistic about pulling off a win tonight, simply because the 'canes appear to be in the same cup-winning form from two seasons ago, and Ward is a tough kid to beat when he's on his game.

However, having said all that, I expect that we will make it a good game, and produce a few points to make a showing, unlike our previous game.

Unfortunately I can't watch the whole game due to a prior commitment, so cheer them on for me as well. I know Sarah will.

CapsChick said...

Chris: Now why would you say that? Next you're going to tell me you don't believe that I had Briere flicked into a fish tank. Yeesh, where's the trust? ;)

UFC: Thank you! And yes, LET'S GO CAPS indeed!!

Christopher: Wow, a Whalers fan! That's a dying breed, I love it. Were you a fan when Sylvain Cote was a Whaler?

Chris: The Caps beat Ottawa...I'm just sayin', anything is possible.

DMG said...

The Caps beat Ottawa...and they also already beat Carolina ;)

Christopher said...

CapsChick: Of course, I was. When you are a Whalers fan you are a Whalers fan for life, including the Cote years. Ron Francis is still my hero.

Victor said...

Man oh Manischewitz, was that a great game or what?