Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gameday Preview: Caps vs Panthers

Who: Washington Capitals vs. Florida Panthers
Where: BankAtlantic Center
Sunrise, Florida
When: Thursday, November 15, 7:30 pm

Broadcast Info: CSN, 3WT Radio; FSN Florida, 790 the Ticket

Media Notes:
Panthers' Website
Washington Post

Another thrilling battle between two mighty Southeast Division residents commences tonight as the Caps travel to Florida for the first of back to back games in the Sunshine State. For whatever reason, the Kitties like to use the Caps as their personal chew toy and last season was no exception. Florida dropped the first two division match-ups to Washington but then went on to win five straight before finally being downed 1-0 in the last meeting of the year.

These are two different looking teams, though. The Panthers sent Belfour and Auld packing and picked up Tomas Vokoun...who has posted the 6th worst GAA in the league so far. They also added former Cap Richard Zednik, whose 6 goals on the year put him almost halfway to his season total from last year (13).

Meanwhile the Caps have improved. I guess.

Or so we're told.

But let's look at where we are right now. The Panthers come into this one having dropped four straight, including two in a row where they gave up the lead or the game-winning goal in the final minutes of the third. Meanwhile the Caps seem unable to generate goals at any point, let alone last minute offensive outbursts. So one of those little streaks is going to your bets.

For whatever reason no one gets too excited for Caps-Panthers games - the players, the fans, the media...I'd be shocked if tonight's game were to change anyone's mind.

2 Minutes with...the Florida Panther Fan Club

CC: Is...this everyone?
FPFC: Yes.
CC: Okay. Well...great. Let's go around and have everyone - er, both of you introduce themselves. You, ma'am, with the blue hair...
Woman: I'm Esther, I've lived in Florida for twenty ye-...Oy, bubelah, come here - you've got some schmutz [takes out a tissue and licks it, aiming it at CC's face]
CC: NO! I mean, no, I'm fine. Thanks. Let's...move on. How about you, with the, er, cup of beer?
Frat Boy: Dan the man, Class of 2008. GO GATORS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
CC: Um, I'm sorry, Dan...are you a Panthers fan?
Dan: Yeah, dude, they rock. They have the best QB and-
CC: No, hockey. Hockey. The Florida Panthers?
Dan: Uh...are they they guys with, like, the masks and stuff?
CC: ...sure. Okay, so welcome, both of you. Let's talk about your team - what do you like the best about the Panthers?
Esther: They're such nice young men. They always send me thank you notes for the sweaters I knit for them. It gets chilly in the winter, you know; I don't want them to catch their deaths. I had such a cold last year, oy, the phlegm. And you know my oldest boy called me every day, such a good boy, loves his mother. Now my youngest, the big shot doctor, he only called twice the whole time and I said would it kill you to call your mother? For all you know I could be dead tomorrow and then you'll be sorry. Oh, I notice you're not wearing a ring - he's single, you know. Handsome, too. A doctor. Very successful, I should have him call you...
CC: Er...great. Dan?
Dan: Dude, this one time last year a buddy and me went to a game and there was like this crazy brawl and these two dudes were just, like, punching each other and blood was flying everywhere was awesome. Oh, and the cheerleaders are smokin' hot-
Esther: Sit up, young man. You want you should get a hump? And tuck in your shirt.
Dan: Yes, ma'am.
Esther: A good smack on the tuchas, that's what you need. Drinking beer, honestly.
Dan: Sorry, ma'am.
CC: OKAY. Well, this was...great. Really enlightening. Thanks for meeting with me, you two. I really appreciate it.
Dan: Sweet, that was easy.
Esther: Here, dear, let me give you my Samuel's number. Such a pretty face, you'd give me beautiful grandkids...
CC: Security!


HG said...

I bet Esther has cats.

CapsChick said...

Oh, she does. And she was wearing a really nice teal jumpsuit with matching visor and jogging shoes.

Chris & Sarah said...

Sarah says:

This is what happens when you have 4 days off. You gotta get a hobby.

Chris asks:

Channeling older female relatives?

CapsChick said...

What if my hobby is channeling older female relatives? ;)