Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hanlon Fired

Anyone surprised?


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all, but kind of disappointed. I would prefer to see a seasoned NHL coach in there. Maybe BB will surprise us, he has been exceptional in Hershey.

Chris & Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving....?
The only surprise was how shocked I felt when I read he had been fired. We can only hope that this will be the shake up needed to get things on track.


DMG said...


it's not like the Capitals were going to conduct interviews and make a hire between 2-8 am the night before Thanksgiving; B.B. has only been mentioned as an interim replacement at this point

Bernie Wolfe Fan said...

BB has won at all levels but this is an interim position. I agree, maybe he will be a surprise but hopefully a marquee coach is in the works. If not, GMGM gets to keep pitching "next year" to Leonsis and keep his job for another few years at the expense of us fans.

All the best Glen. See you in The Worlds!

bkotler752 said...

It certainly is fortunate that Glen Hanlon had to leave under these circumstances, but frankly this move could have been made a couple weeks ago. A team with this much talent should not be mired in the losing streaks they have encountered this season. Best of luck to Mr. Hanlon...but, this team needed a shake up of this sort at least five games ago.