Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gameday Preview: Caps vs. Senators

Who: Washington Capitals vs. Ottawa Senators
Where: Scotiabank Place
When: Thursday, November 8, 7:00 pm

Broadcast Info: CSN+, 3WT Radio; A Channel

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If there was ever a mismatch of teams for a Thursday night battle, this would be it. The Caps are coming off their fourth straight loss, their ninth in the last eleven, while the Senators made franchise history by brushing aside the Leafs on Tuesday for their eighth straight victory.

The good news? There is very little pressure on the Caps to win this one. If they go into Scotiabank Place tonight and limp out with yet another loss, it will be bad but not unexpected; "better" teams have tried and failed to unseat the Sens this season.

Even better news for the Caps is that Ray Emery is in net - not that he's not a decent goaltender, but it's hard to say whether he has completely recovered from that offseason surgery on his wrist. Last week his team had a five goal lead going into the third against the Thrashers and blew it, scraping out a 6-4 victory after the dust had settled.

And the mighty Sens, while still a force, look to be waning just a bit. Their 5-1 victory against Toronto aside, they played a home and home against the Bruins and barely managed a win, going all the way to the shootout in the second game.

Now the bad news. Clark and Semin continue to be out, Poti is playing but not at 100%, the Caps have scored just three goals in the last four games...and the Senators are still a very scary team.

2 Minutes with...Ray Emery

No one in the NHL is quite as sharply dressed as Ray Emery. Earlier this week we raided Emery's closet and gave the Ottawa superstar goalie some time to describe his style:

"Here's my casual look - hot sunglasses, polo shirt, just enough skin so you can see my's the perfect outfit for strolling through the airport or punching out other motorists. For the goalie on the go."

"My gangster suit. I love this look, the pin-stripes are very slimming and I think the spats give me something a little extra. The cash is just a little joke, I keep it in my closet like that. I try to wear this as often as possible but for some reason people get nervous around me in it...especially when I carry my violin."

"Now this is a classic. Powder blue with ruffles? CLASSIC. Never goes out of style. Perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, hanging out with friends. I love it."

"Everyone has that one special outfit for the holidays, right? This one is mine. I'm telling you, the ladies love a man who can ring a good bell...if you know what I mean."

"I don't wear this one as much just because the head tends to cover up my gorgeous face. But I still love it. It's brought to you by the letter H...for HOT."

"This one...well, I dress like this when I want to look like a real goalie. You'd be amazed how much respect I get when I wear that mask..."


HG said...

Awesome. I'm so glad I suggested Emery. :P

CapsChick said...

Heee...glad you liked it. :P

Pookie said...

It's brought to you by the letter H...for HOT

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The best part about this? I'm reading this at the end of a long workday so I'm a little spacey. All I saw was that it was Big Bird. It was only after I laughed uproariously that I noticed he was holding the letter H. I'm so smart, S-M-R-T!

Victor said...

Well. This is a pleasant surprise!

Kozlov should be the number one star.

Anonymous said...

Emery did play well in tonight's game but, that last one about "I dress like this when I want to look like a REAL goalie" was priceless! ;-)