Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gameday Preview: Caps vs Rangers

Who: Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers
Where: Madison Square Garden
When: Thursday, November 1, 7:00 pm

Broadcast Info: CSN, 3WT; MSG, 1050 ESPN Radio

Media Notes:

Caps' Website
Rangers' Website
Washington Post
Washington Times

Season Series: Caps 0-1-0, Rangers 1-0-0
Season Standings: Caps 5-6-0, 3rd in division, 11th in conference; Rangers 4-6-1, 4th in division, 12th in conference

Last Game:
The Caps started the season flying high, going 3-0 for the first time in years and outplaying their opponents a large part of the time. The penalty killing units were extremely efficient, killing off every single man advantage handily. And then in one fell swoop the Rangers ended it, dominating first period play and scoring three power play goals in the opening frame. The Caps would kill off three more penalties and Kolzig would turn aside 38 shots over the course of the game but it wasn't enough and the Caps fell, 3-1 in the game and 3-1 on the season.

Tonight's Game:
Well, I think it's safe to say that the Caps have to a) stay out of the penalty box and b) kill off whatever penalties they're given.

It is equally important if not more, though, that the Caps start believing that they can win every night no matter what happens to the team or who their opponent may be. Minus the services of three key components on Monday night they were able to hand the Leafs a thoroughly one-sided defeat. Now they have to build on that, armed with the knowledge that even with injuries they can win.

Is New York a tougher opponent? Marginally, sure. And yes, MSG tends to have a weird paralyzing effect on the Caps, at least in recent years. If they play like they have these past few games, though, wins and losses aside, they should be able to send Jagr and friends home crying. And wouldn't that be fun for all of us to see...

2 Minutes with...Sean Avery

On his penchant for diving: I'm not a diver! I swear! I've never once taken a dive. Everyone is just out to get me and they try and knock me over - can I help it if I'm particularly easy to trip?

On his penchant for diving after being shown this clip: That, the thing that happened there was...crap. No comment.

On his love life: Yes, I was dating Elisha Cuthbert, but I got smart. I got rid of that tired old baggage and I'm playin' the field, sowin' some oats, trollin' the streets. So ladies, if you're interested, Sean A. is lookin' for play. The A-Man is open for business. Anyone? Anyone?

On his style of hockey: I like to think of myself as an entertainer as much as an athlete, you know? I mean, the New Yorkers pay a lot of money to see, us. They pay a lot to see us. I figure I should give them a show. In fact I'm probably more of an entertainer than a hockey player. Way more. Ask anyone I've played with or against.

On his style in general: I'm kind of a mix between metrosexual and pimp daddy Sean. Lots of chrome and leather and animal prints, with a dash of elegance and sophistication thrown in - just to keep you on your toes. Take my roster photo, for example. A little urban chic, trendy glasses, looking sharp and then...BAM! I hit you with the mini-mohawk. I think it gives me an element of douchebaggery that the ladies love. Right? Ladies? Anyone?

Come on, I can get you Henrik Lundqvist's autograph! No? How about Chris Drury?

...Scott Gomez?


Jimmy Jazz said...

Haaaah! I could probably see Avery saying some of that stuff.

"Laaaadies... Oh, laaadies... Yeah, I can get you in with Straka. He's big time now--used to play with ole Jags and Lemieux, but got a pretty big upgrade now he has ice time with Aces Avery.

Ohhhhh, yeaaaaah.

The Peerless said...

That pic just screams, "Dweeb Hooligan Wannabe"

a very willful boy said...

You owe me a new keyboard for that Avery bit.

I knew he was a egomaniacal tool, but I had no idea he looked like a total knob to boot.

Anonymous said...

Avery: Two for douchebaggery, five for asshattery and a game misconduct for that thing attached to his head.

Anonymous said...

(honestly, and it's like sacrilege to say, i keep TRYING to like Avery, because he's the kind of agitator I could get behind, but then he keeps just being a complete tool and not having any reedeeming values besides being good at agitating and having a lovely swan dive.)

I'd love to see Robitaille and Avery attempt to agitate each other. It'd be like being stuck in a blender.

Chris & Sarah said...

Are you sure you didn't mix the photo up with a clip from Slap Shot?

CapsChick said...

JJ: Are you implying I didn't really talk to Mr. Avery?? ;)

Peerless: Yes. Among other things.

AVWB: Put it on my tab. Yeah, it's a fantastically awesomely bad picture, isn't it?

Teka: That's hardly a record for PIMs for Sean, is it? Oh, man, Louie and Avery going toe to toe. I'd pay to see that.

C&S: ...pretty sure. I'll check on that ;)

Elly said...

Haha! Excellent.

Schnookie said...

OH. MY. GOD. Those two minutes with Avery... just... MWA HA HA HA HA!!!! Since I know you actually had to sit down and talk to him for two minutes to get those quotes (because they're all totally real, right? Right?), I have to say, thank you for taking that bullet, exposing yourself to his disgustingness so we could all revel in so great a feature.