Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gameday Preview: Caps vs Thrashers

Who: Washington Capitals vs. Atlanta Thrashers
Where: Verizon Center
When: Wednesday, November 20, 7 pm

Broadcast Info: CSN, 3WT Radio; SportSouth, 680 the Fan

Media Notes:
Caps' Website
Washington Post
Washington Times
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Quote of the day, courtesy of Olie Kolzig: "The grass has gotten greener, but it hasn't turned into wins."


The boys have apparently gotten mad, studied plenty of game tape, had an intense practice, changed up the lines and gone back to basics. That's exactly what I've been waiting to hear. Let's get that, er, grassy win, shall we?

Battle of the Kozlovs: Round 3

In this corner, weighing in at 224 pounds...the one...the only...Viktor...KOZLOV!

...aaaand in this corner, his challenger, at a measly 190 pounds...Slava...KOZLOV!

Remember, gentlemen, we want a good, clean fight. Nothing below the belt, and Slava? No pinching. Let's get it on!

Draft Position
Viktor: 1st round, 6th overall
Slava: 3rd round, 45th overall
Viktor: Kozzy, the Better Kozlov
Slava: The Professor, the Other Kozlov
Stanley Cup Rings
Viktor: 0
Slava: 2
Viktor: 6'5"
Slava: 5'10"
Viktor: 224
Slava: 190
2006-07 Season Totals
Viktor: 25-26-51, +12
Slava: 28-52-80, +9
2007-08 Season Totals
Viktor: 3-9-12, -2
Slava: 6-7-13, -4

Tiebreaker: Head-to-Head
Caps vs. Thrashers, 2007-08
Viktor - 1-1-2, E
Slava - 0-1-1, E

There you have it, folks! The winner and still champion of Kozlov vs. Kozlov: Rumble in the Phone Booth is...


boltsfan said...

hahaha when i first looked at the gameday preview i thought it said "caps vs. trashers." PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a win for me tonight against them! i would love to see them go down after that stupid disappointing game monday night =( go caps!

Victor said...

Well...I think they played well for the first 40 minutes.

Smitty said...

I think that, for the first time ever, I am literally too embarrassed to wear my Caps jersey outside of my apartment.

usually frustrated caps fan said...

Well a 5-1 loss and the only really fun thing to watch was Ovie getting back and breaking up a brakaway when Mike Green got caught up ice (and tried to recover poorly getting a hooking penalty). I'm perplexed. I have more to say but I took ted Leonsis' bait and joined the blogsphere. Mark's Musings can now be seen at:

Go Caps! (please....)

kaat said...

You usually get things so right, but in the battle of the Kozlovs, I am sorry to say, you've got it all wrong. Slava is clearly *the* best Kozlov. And, as I am sure you have heard, Slava rules ... Viktor drools. ;-P