Friday, November 16, 2007

A Kiss for Luck

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Ovie kissing his stick blade before last night's Panthers game.
He scored a goal.

...maybe the rest of the team should give it a shot.


Lucas Aykroyd said...

Certainly a more glorious kissing-related moment in Caps history than this one:

May 6, 1994 (New York Times)
HOCKEY: Rangers Are Within Kissing Distance of a Sweep

One of these weeks, some team is probably going to give the Rangers a good series. Or, perhaps, one of these nights, some team might give the Rangers a close game.

But it wasn't the Washington Capitals, not this game, not this night, not this series, not this week. After taking an early lead on two goals from their rejuvenated power play, the Rangers coasted to a 3-0 victory tonight at the USAir Arena, taking a 3-games-to-0 lead in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

How embarrassing was it for Washington? Consider the altercation between Keith Jones of the Capitals and Esa Tikkanen of the Rangers, two rough, tough, gritty players. Trying to inspire his team, Jones played a mean game, bumping, hacking and slashing whenever possible, taking three minor penalties.

After one confrontation, Tikkanen got close to Jones. He got in his face, boy, did he ever. And then Tikkanen, well, he, yes, he, uh, why he kissed him. That's what he did. He kissed him right on the nose. And there is no penalty, minor or major, for that.

CapsChick said...

How do I not know that story?? Thanks for posting it here, that's fantastic (and so very Tikkanen...)