Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Team USA, aka the Caps

This headline is eerily familiar: US Defense Exposed in Close Loss.

Where have you heard this before?

"But there are a lot of things we can build on. Our competitiveness in the third period. Our willingness to battle back was encouraging. It's a testament to the character of the players in our dressing room...[a]s young as this team is, we have a lot of leadership."
What about this quote from captain Chris Clark?
"This could be a building block, a stepping stone to better things."
Or even something similar to this?
Jaroslav Bednar scored the winning goal after the...defense failed to clear the puck out of its goal area.
How about the fact that the oldest defenseman on the US team's roster is Brian Pothier, who just turned 30 years old. The oldest forward is Chris Clark, at the geriatric age of 31. The oldest player in general? John Grahame, nearing the old folks home at 32. In fact, only 6 players on the entire team were born in the 1970s, and no one earlier than 1975. That's a young team, folks. When your "veteran presence" was barely out of training pants during the bicentennial, that's a young team.

Anyone else see the striking resemblance to the Caps? Granted, their young'uns are still more seasoned then some of the sprouts patrolling the Capitals' blue line this past season, but still...creepy.


Elly said...

At least the Caps aren't rallying behind John Grahame, that's one good thing.

Bethany said...

Awh whenever I think of Grahame I think of that commercial where he leans back and looks at the makes me happy.

The Ghost said...

I just thank god that Jeremy Roenick isn't sporting the ole USA on his chest anymore. How embarrassing is he these days?