Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Madness Returns

Whew. Long time gone, eh? Sorry about that - aside from the constant annoyance of life getting in the way, I've somehow, somewhere down the road, temporarily lost my will to rant. Maybe seeing the twin geriatrics in Detroit take down yet another team that I like just pushed me over the edge, I don't know.

The urge to babble on about everything and nothing at all will return, though, of that I am certain - until then, I'm sure everyone is just itching to know who won Round Two of the
First Annual Blogger Playoff Pool, right?

Drum roll please....

Congratulations to Sherry of Scarlett Ice fame!

Big week for Sherry, her Senators are in the Conference Finals and now this. As I'm sure you all know by now, Sherry gets to select three of our pool participants who will then be charged with the task of writing a pro-Ottawa post.

This round's victims losers selected few are:

Heather B. (Buffalo)
Christy Hammond (Detroit)

We'll keep an eye out for those oh-so-humbling posts, kids - good luck!

As for the rest of you, there's still plenty of time to accumulate those points - two more rounds to go, lots of bonus points tossed into the mix, anything can happen. Don't believe me? 10 points separate first place from thirteenth place. 20 points separate first from twenty-ninth. It's anyone's game.

Well, maybe not anyone's. (Sorry, Jordi, but while saying Paris Hilton would get scored on the most in the second round was probably technically accurate, for our purposes I can't count it.)

For those of you who like spreadsheets and charts and stuff, the standings through two rounds are listed here:
Eastern Conference Finals madness gets underway tonight in Buffalo, 7:00 pm. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can leave the office and the job that is slowly sucking away my life long before then, I'll be watching. No excuses, people - Grey's Anatomy is available online, The Office and Scrubs can be recorded or downloaded, the Nats are taking time out of their suckitude for a not really deserved night off, basketball playoffs are...well, basketball playoffs...

Drop the puck, let's go!

[By the way for anyone who is following along, Team USA was eliminated from the World Championships today by a shootout. Of course.]


Heather B. said...

I can't believe I have to write a pro-Ottawa post DURING THE OTTAWA SERIES! I'm sure Sherry won this round on purpose :-)

Matthew Macaskill said...

Still near the top! :D

I'm surprised Sherry didn't get me back for making her write about Montreal, haha. Then again, Steve was asking for it with his comeback post... hahaha.

Looking forward to reading up on all the Sens stuff.

Almost forgot...


Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Argh, I need to have a drink before I write anything Sens-related.


No, but really, I was planning on writing something on the Sens...I will...soon.

Hmmmm, I don't know who I'm reuting for, then again, if I don't want Sherry to make me redo it, then GO SENATORSS!!!!!! (ya right)

Sherry said...

Yes! I'm awesome! Finally, a pool I'm at the top at. I'm actually quite surprised and feel all giddy.

Heather B. - I try to win on purpose for everything :) Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to find lots of good things to write about my boys!

Matthew - I thought about it but I figured it would be more of a challenge for Steve to do it. Plus he had it coming.

BBeR - You'd best remember that I have the power to make you redo it. You do what you have to do to make sure it's the best post you've ever written.

Speaking of which, I'm getting a little drunk with power here.

Jordi said...

I DEMAND A RECOUNT! This is bullshit!

Bethany said...

This is why I just sit here and mind my little team hasn't made anyone mad haha.

Margee said...

I'm so cross that no one has picked me to write a pro-team post. I hate so many teams and people, I feel I deserve the misery.

Heather B. said...

Margee, if miracles happen and I win anything, I'll pick you, okay?

So... what exactly is the punishment for refusing to write my post? Am I banished from blogging or what?

Oh, all RIGHT! I'll write it, I'll write it...