Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some Time-Delayed Thoughts

Just a few thoughts and musings after a double-header of playoff hockey, which I have just completed thanks to the combined magical efforts of DVR and caffeine...

- Splattered octopus on the ice = gross. Hasek skating over to look at a splattered octopus = absolutely disgusting. Slinky-backed freak of nature.

- If the annoying trumpet guy in Detroit doesn't learn how to play "Hava Nagila" correctly, I'm going to take his horn and shove it down his throat. (For those of you curious as to how it should sound, click
here. And please resist the urge to yell "Charge!" at the end. I promise no one does that at weddings.)

- Ron Wilson needs to find the fire that has propelled his team through the standings and into the postseason, because it certainly wasn't there today. They looked sloppy in the two periods that I saw, and while Detroit may not be as scary as they once were, they're still a damn good hockey team. Sloppy just isn't going to cut it. Neither is consistently giving up a lead. Or bad puck movement by the goaltender. Let's face it, 99% of what they did today needs to be reversed upon returning to the Shark Tank or they'll be golfing with the Devils faster than they can say "Jaws".

- Are there different rules in Motown about standing up during play? Every time the camera pans back to reveal the crowd, people are moving in and out of the rows freely as though nothing was going on. It's pretty funny to watch the camera guys try frantically to find an angle that doesn't include people's heads, though. Lots of extreme close-ups at the Joe.

- Ray Emery got into a fender-bender on his way to the airport and for some reason its making headline news. Must be a slow news day.

- Say what you want about guys like Emery, Alfredsson, Heatley, and their importance to this Ottawa team, but in my mind the unsung hero of the Sens' run to this point would have to be Chris Neil. I love to hate him and he does have a penchant for those questionable, borderline hits, but the guy is a momentum shifter and can be a heck of a hockey player when he wants to be. He is the quintessential checking line forward and worth his weight in gold so far this postseason. Plus I like watching him grin with that huge gap in his teeth, it makes me giggle.

- John Vanbiesbrouck gets my unanimous vote for tonight's Mr. Pessimistic Award. From about the 10 minute mark of the third period on, he was railing on the Devils - picking on Lamoriello, their defense, Brodeur, and the team in general. It's strange, too, because they were only down by 2 goals - not an overwhelming gap by any means, especially in the postseason. I'm no Jersey fan, but even I was getting annoyed with Beezer (although I always get annoyed by Beezer).

- Tonight's NJ-Ott game really brought to light the fatal flaw in the Devils time-tested game plan. It's all well and good to focus on defense, rely on your future Hall of Fame goaltender, and muck up the neutral zone. But what happens when your vaunted defense gets sloppy and slow? What happens when a potent offense breaks through the sludge at center ice? What happens when your goalie not only can't make the big saves but also lets in some softies? We saw what get knocked out in 5 games. Live and learn.

- I didn't get to watch this one at all, but it looks like the Bears shut out the Baby Pens 2-0 in Wilkes-Barre to take a stranglehold 3-0 series lead. Get out those brooms, I wanna see a sweep! Ready? All together now...B-E-A-R-S Bears Bears Bears WOOOOOO!!!

- And finally, the most important question of the night: what the HELL happened to Peter Schaefer's hair??

I dub thee...Skunk Boy!


Jordi said...

Didn't Mark Smith totally have the same hair a while ago?

Elly said...

You know, I was wondering that myself. Between that and someone who has a little baby mohawk (Neil?), the Senators have some greatly questionable hockey hair (although I did like the mini-hawk, and Vermette can do no wrong in the eyes of hair fashion for me).

And you just wait! They'll come back, in the time-honored tradition of anything related to Pittsburgh hockey, they want to make it extremely hard on themselves and then come back in a rush of offensive power and superb goaltending.

It could happen.

CapsChick said...

Jordi, I think he may still have the same hair, or something similar. He walked right past me when I went down to the locker rooms back in February and I believe there was some pink in there at the time as well... sound like me, Elly! "They can do it, really! REALLY!" :D

Elly said...

I do not see the bad in this. :) I just gotta have faith!

Sherry said...

Yeah Schaef does some things I don't particularly understand [mostly on the ice, HAHA] but we love him for it.

I think Gratts and Corvo are sporting similar 'dos. Maybe he just gave in to peer pressure.

Steph said...

Hahah I just saw yet another recap of Hasek skating up to that stupid octopus again like two seconds ago on some sports report show. Someone somewhere said he thought about picking it up or at least poking at it with his stick. What was really cute though was Todd Bertuzzi (ew...ew, I really just said that didn't I?) tossing one of the stuffed octopi at Ozzie a couple seconds later. Something about hockey players playing with stuffed animals, I don't know.

As for the moving around, they do stop us at the top of the stairs until the end of play when you're coming back in, but no one cares if you're getting up and wandering out whenever...and EVERYONE seems to do it.

Steph said...

Oh and Jordi, I remember seeing Smith with that hair....with blonde at one point, teal at another, blue, I think...

Jordi said...

And which one's more loveable? Methinks Smitty. *hides*

Anonymous said...

Schaefers hair is actually quite hot! I love hockey players with dyed hair! I really like Mark Smiths' hair because he is always changing the color!:)