Friday, May 04, 2007

Ramblings of an Old Lady

They say with age comes wisdom.

Well, today I officially become one year older...and yet I feel no wiser.

Sure, I know not to eat yellow snow or look a gift horse in the mouth. I can spout tired clich├ęs about a bird in the hand saving nine or a rolling stone healing all wounds. I can quote Shakespeare (although not accurately), I can build Ikea furniture (and clean up after it falls apart), I can even change a tire (no really, I can).

But is that wisdom?

After all, I still believe in the magical healing powers of a chocolate chip cookie. I still believe that booing Jaromir Jagr will cause him to mess up/fall down/get hit. I still believe that setting my clock ahead 7 minutes will help me to wake up on time. I still believe that people who claim to like NASCAR are making it up (they have to be making it up...right??)

And I still believe that the Caps will be hoisting the Stanley Cup within the next decade.

Looks like that wisdom may take another 25 years.

(By the way, take a moment out of honoring my mere presence in the world and check out OFB's ongoing coverage of the IIHF World Championships below...the lucky dogs.)


hockeygirl said...


WFY said...

Happy birthday!

On Frozen Blog said...

Happy Birthday from all four of us at On Frozen Blog!

We'll raise a glass for you.

CapsChick said...

Thanks, guys!

(Has everyone figured out that this post was a blatant attempt at getting everyone to send me birthday wishes? Gifts are also welcome, by the way...)

Chris & Sarah said...

Happy Birthday from your Canadian Ex-Pats

JP said...

Happy Happy, CC!

Margee said...

Happy Birthday! Yay!

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday dear.
It's not getting older, it's getting wiser!

ADR said...

Happy Birthday - I enjoy reading your blog...

Steph said...

Happy birthday!

Also I have a friend who claims to like NASCAR...I asked her what she could possibly enjoy about people driving in circles and she responsed "THEY'RE OVALS!"

Jordi said...

Happy birthday - fuck I'm late. I had work. But dude I totally set my clock forward too!