Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Captain Kid

Sidney Crosby will be named Pittsburgh's new captain at a press conference tomorrow afternoon, making him the youngest captain in NHL history...

...maybe now Mario will let him stay up until 10:00 on a school night.


Elly said...

10 pm AND ice cream after 7pm. He's living the big life, now.

Also, I feel I missed the boat being out of the blog world for the last little bit, and I did not get to properly respond to certain things (
I turn away for a minute and you're out running over the Penguins again! Tsk tsk! ;)

I would have been your irate Penguins fan if I had been around. :(

KMS2 said...

Maybe now Mario will cosign a lease so he can rent an apartment.

I actually really like Crosby so I feel bad making fun of him but seriously, I thought that living in a teammate's home was reserved for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

I thought living in a teammate's home was reserved for people who made less than 3 million dollars a season.

-the irate underpaid grad students of the world.

Elly said...

Naw, he's got the money and the ability, but he likes being at Mario's place, it gives him a safe space to not worry about things there, he loves the family, the family adores him, and Mario is the best role model a person could ask for (and I know that Mario has also stood up for Sidney against Sid's dad and told him to back the heck off once or twice, so Sidney probably also appreciates that...and free baby sitting!).

Foreigners do choose to do it, but it's also been something of a tradition in the Penguins that they can stay with Mario, or another older Pen, to get used to Pittsburgh.

hockeygirl said...

You know, I think your posting is 50% Penguins hate and 50% Caps love. I think maybe you should rename your blog. Or something.

Bethany said...


Shelby said...

I just died a little bit on the inside.

I hope the Pens die a lot a bit everywhere.

Let's look into getting Malky and the lesser Stahl out of there before the team implodes.