Sunday, May 27, 2007

Say Cheese

This year we have two very different, very talented teams facing off for the big prize. There are many factors that can go into a championship team, so many that it would take weeks to list them all.

But let's face it, we all know what this Stanley Cup Final is going to come down to. It's not goaltending, it's not defense, it's not special teams...'s all about the smiles.

These are some happy teams, these Ducks and Senators. It's time, therefore, to determine once and for all who the Stanley Cup Champion will be tonight by virtue of their smiles.

In this corner, representing Canada's capital, Toronto's native son, the young upstart...Jason Spezza!

And in this corner, representing the de-Disneyed Ducks, Finland's version of Brad Pitt...Teemu Selanne!

Gentlemen, start your smiles!

First up, Jason Spezza - show us those pearly whites:

Not bad, not bad...a little leering, but nice. Teemu? Your turn:

Also a little creepy, so...we'll call it 1-1. Spez-

Dammit, Pronger! Take your maniacal laughter elsewhere please.

Ahem. Where were we...oh, right. Jason, your turn.

It's just not normal for a hockey player to have such perfect teeth.
2-1 Spezza. Batter up!

That one just looks painful...still 2-1.

Nice. Relaxed. Easy. 3-1.
Come on, Teemu, don't make it a rout, show me something good!

Aw, see? Was that so hard? 3-2. Sens-boy:

Now that's a man who looks ready for the Stanley Cup, isn't it?
One last shot, Teemu, give us your best...


Okay, it's no contest - sorry, Finnish Brad Pitt, when engaging in a battle of smiles always leave the creepy stuff at home.

The winner and still champion...Jason Spezza!
Looks like the Cup is coming back to Canada after all.

...but shucks, we knew that already...

(Anyone else ready for this damn series to start?)


Bethany said...

Haha I see you found something to talk about're my favorite!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry said...

Oh man! If Spezza is going on a smile-off against anybody, it's no contest that he's going to win. Unless we're talking about Iggy. That man can smile with the best of them.

Steph said...

This post was all making me smile and go "awww", and be amused...and then Chris Pronger happened.

That was so mean :(

CapsChick said...

Bethany: It had to be done - this smile-off has been brewing for far too long!

Sherry: Spezza really is quite smiley, isn't he? Hard to find pictures or interviews of him where he's not grinning the whole time. It's great - he's just always having a good time.

Steph: Oh, come on - that's a crazed picture of him, what can I say? I have nothing against Pronger, really.

Actually, it's funny, I was clicking through all these smiley pictures of Spezza and Selanne when I came across that one, and what I wrote here is exactly what I was thinking at the time. It's nothing personal, he just stopped me in my tracks - that's all, I swear! :)

hockeygirl said...

I love it. LOVE IT. I also love that you texted me to tell me to go look at it. I knew it had to be awesome and it WAS!

Steph said...

Well...okay. I think there should have to be some like, warning label for posts containing Chris Pronger. Just for people like me. Admittedly, I do like having that picture around and accessible though - he does look like quite the douche in it and that always ALWAYS makes me happy!

Margee said...

Bless you, Capschick. This was brilliant.