Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Hockey Fan's Dream

Anyone who has watched more than one playoff series in their lives knows that Game 1 isn’t supposed to be that good – at least when compared to the rest of the series. The two teams are feeling each other out, learning the buttons to push and the tricks to use, adapting to and adjusting for the other teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals is usually even worse because you have two teams that have barely played one another, especially under the new NHL scheduling.

Well, someone forgot to tell the Senators and Ducks. Because if this game is the worst of the series, I’d say we’re in for a hell of a ride.

It’s not that it was a perfect game. There were mistakes and fluky bounces. There were bad goals and missed calls. There were timid moments to be sure.

But all in all it was pretty breathtaking. It was a close game throughout regardless of who held the lead and you just knew that one bounce, one penalty, one laser of a shot, and the lead could flip in an instant. It was physical, it was intense, it was full of animosity and hatred unheard of between two teams that haven’t met in over a year and a half...everything you want in a playoff game.

It’s no secret that this postseason has been great, at times spectacular. It’s only fitting that this series, as a culmination of the performances from these two teams, should be a treat for the eyes. To all you lucky people who were in attendance last night and to everyone holding a ticket for any of the games down the line, I have only this to say – hold on to those ticket stubs. You’re witnessing an instant classic, and those don't come along everyday.

- Stepping aside from the sappiness for a moment, I'm pleased to announce that the Round 3 winner of the First Annual Blogger Playoff Pool is...

Gustafsson of OnFrozenBlog!

Ah, a Caps fan. There's only 253 of us in the pool, you'd think one of the Caps' faithful would have won before, but what can you do.

Anyways, keep an eye out for loving tributes to the Caps from the following people:

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Elly at No Pun Intended (Pittsburgh)
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And as always I've got a pretty spreadsheet all ready with the current standings: Round 3
(By the way, compare these standings to Round 2 and tell me this isn't anyone's game...)


Bethany said...

That game was absolutely amazing!! I loved it...it was soooo worth the wait. Uhm...I had something else to say but I don't remember...talk to you later sista!

Steph said...

It's mean of me to be laughing that Elly has to write a nice glowing Caps review to rival my Flames-love post, right?

CapsChick said...

Bethany: Okay, I thought I was the senile one out of the two of us...

Steph: Yes. Yes it is mean. And that is the principle upon which this whole thing was based. If there's one thing I want everyone to take away from the pool, it is the sheer joy of reveling in someone else's pain.

Sherry said...

Oh man! How did I fall so quickly!

Speaking of which, I don't remember filling out a round 3 bracket, even.

Steph said...

Well considering me um...reveled? I don't think you can use that word like that BUT I AM ANYWAY!

CapsChick said...

Sherry: I think we may have nailed down the source of your fall, lady...you don't play, you can't win! :)

Steph: Go with it. I make up my own words all the time.

Steph said...

I'm a creative writing major! I should get to make up words!

(This is probably a terrible realization for me to have...)

hockeygirl said...

Steph - Did you and I already make up a few words? I can't remember what they but I'm sure we did.

Elly said...

Steph: You are a mean, mean woman.

CC: ....You are also a mean, mean woman.

There is no love for the Penguin fan :(

Margee said...

I'm in the Top Five! Squee!