Monday, June 04, 2007

Two-Pronged Attack

I've been away the last few days for a family event but I did get to watch Game 3 on tape delay Saturday night and I just have this to say: Wow. Hell of a game. Ottawa showed up, the Ducks stayed with them, there was chippiness and passion and goal-scoring - all good things.

The biggest thing to come out of Saturday's game, though, was the one-game suspension of Chris Pronger for his high hit on Dean McAmmond. McAmmond would not return and Pronger was not penalized. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that it is Pronger's second suspension in the last two series, both times for high hits.

I'll admit that Pronger isn't one of my favorite players but I've never considered him a particularly dirty player before. It's hard to tell if he's really gunning for peoples' heads or if he's just so big that he forgets his elbows are where most peoples' heads happen to be.

You be the judge - first take a look at his tag team hit on Holmstrom (aka suspension #1):

Now check out the hit on McAmmond (aka suspension #2):

So what's the verdict? Is he a dirty player? A careless player? A little of both? Since he's spent his career in the West I haven't seen him play all that much, so you Western Conference faithful should feel free to weigh in with your impressions.

Talk amongst yourselves...


Capital Fanatic said...

He has cemented himself as a dirty player now. The hit on Holmstrom was bad but the hit on McAmmond was malicious. He got off lightly with the one game suspension as it should have been at least two based on his repeat infraction. If there is any justice at all he would be suspended as long as McAmmond cannot play. Plus, Ottawa should be awarded a five minute power play to start out game 4. That would be fair considering it should have been the call in game 3.

Margee said...

Dirrty. With two R's. I agree with Capital Fanatic. The Holmstrom hit was bad, but you could argue that he was fighting for the puck (maybe). But he cold-cocked McAmmond. That wasn't a matter of dropping his shoulder to make the hit. That was chin music there.

As others have said, he's been a giant for most of his life, he should have figured out how to compensate. Zdeno Chara has.

Anonymous said...

Don't care if he's big. You are responsible for your actions and your gear (stick) when on the ice. This is taught from minimites on up. The one game suspension is a joke. He should be gone for the remainder of the series.

CapsChick said...

It's true, size shouldn't really be an excuse - I think I'm just not all that familiar with him or his playing style so I didn't want to come out and say he was a goon based on two hits.

I agree that both were dirty hits and if he wasn't considered a goon or a dirty player before, I'd say that reputation is growing after the last two incidents...regardless I agree with the general sentiment that one game was not enough, particularly considering he's a repeat offender in a relatively short period of time.

Bethany said...

He is big. But, he is a dirty player...this is his 14th game he will miss due to suspension. You are responsible for everything your stick your arm your foot EVERYTHING.

Murshawursha said...

I can understand how the refs missed it, it was pretty hard to pick up until they played it in slow motion. But man, elbow to the face like that... That's just bad.

I think he should have at least 2 based on the fact that this is his second suspension of the playoffs. I haven't really watched him much, but based on these 2 incidents I'd have to classify him as dirty...

Chris & Sarah said...

I left a couple of good posts on Tarik's Blog "Capitols Insider", but I agree that he should have been suspended, and how they missed issuing a penalty is beyond me.

But when I went back and looked at the replay a couple of times, you can see Pronger's feet leave the ice just before the hit. I'm not buying the "I was just finishing my check" story.

You need to be held accountable for your lack of control, and I'm glad they issued the punishment. Could well have been more if they followed their rules a little closer than they seem to have. So Pronger got off lucky.

But I am also glad to see that he hasn't lipped off this time, unlike last time when he blamed everyone but Holmstrom for his screw-up.