Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where's Mrs. O'Leary's Cow When You Need It?

Darn Chicago. They knocked us back a spot. Mean.

Actually, I'm glad Chicago got it - if any team could use some good luck and a breath of fresh air, it's the 'Hawks. A once-proud franchise that is now experiencing fan rebellion and a continuous march to the bottom of the standings thanks to inept ownership. Here's hoping this small piece will be a building block to returning the team to respectability.

So the Caps pick 5th overall in what has already been described as a fairly shallow draft. There are no Ovechkin's, no Crosby's as far as the eye can see. But remember, every young player has potential to be a great player - just look at all the draft picks taken in later rounds who go on to become superstars. For that matter, look at those overhyped #1 picks who were going to be the next Gretzky but who fizzled out instead (paging Alexandre Daigle...).


...at least Pittsburgh didn't get the #1 pick.
Just for Elly, who asked if I have to bash the Penguins in every post. In response to your question...yes, I do! ;)

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Elly said...

Ahahaha, awesome. :) And really, I'm okay with not getting the first pick, heaven knows we've had our share in the past six years.