Sunday, April 15, 2007

What the...?


Last seen March 31 in Vancouver.

Their failure to appear in Detroit for the first two games of Round 1 has caused great concern throughout the city of Calgary. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please leave a comment.
No reward for a safe return, just the grateful thanks of the "C" of Red.

Seriously, where are the Flames? Where is that plucky team of guys that wouldn't be denied back in 2004? Where is the club that saw the Avs clawing away behind them and responded with a string of wins, including 4 straight on the road and even one in the shootout???

The team that has taken the ice for these first two games in the Joe is not the same team by any stretch. It's hard to pin down what the problem is - could it be that Iginla's leadership isn't igniting enough of a fire under their butts? Is it the lack of discipline and urgency in their game? Or is it just the fact that coach Jim Playfair looks like he's sleeping behind the bench.?

I'm going with the third option for now, only because it's the easiest place to point. And the fact remains that if Iggy isn't getting the troops fired up and the team has no urgency, lack of coaching could be the problem. Let's face it, the Flames just seemed to have a spark when Sutter was manning the helm, and they really haven't been the same since he stepped back to a purely GM role.

So. 51-15.

That's the shots on goal differential from this afternoon's Detroit-Calgary game. That brings the total shots through two games up to 97-35. 97-35 and we still have at least two more games to play. Honestly, Hasek has to be one of the most overrated goaltenders in the league and there's no need for the Flames to make ol' Grampa Simpson look better than he actually is. You don't shoot, you don't score. Period. (Thus endeth Hockey 101...)

Tuesday night the series swings to Pengrowth Saddledome, boisterously loud with the crazy, red-clad Albertans who will pack its stands. The Flames were dominant at home this season, winning 30 of their 41 games in the Dome including both games against Detroit. If the roar of the home crowd and the magic of being in Calgary doesn't pick this team up, the Flames' playoff run is going to be over faster than Heather Graham's sitcom career.

*Sigh* go flames go...

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