Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Caption This...Again!

Time for more hilarious pictures from around the league...

Do you get the feeling that's not what they meant to do?

Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs continue their glorious postseason run.

It's Miller time.

"Maybe if I punch backwards I won't get hurt this time..."

"Flying V!"

"Oh god, where's the puck...Oh GOD, WHERE'S THE PUCK??"


Jeff Halpern demonstrates the power of his mighty Sedin-deflecting rear end.


Captions? Comments!


Bethany said...

Hasek: Damn there goes my bonus....

Sherry said...

The hilarious thing is that when the Leafs were introduced at the beginning of that Jays game, they were all booed except for Colaiacovo.

george said...

bearing in mind that that i have always liked the Flames and have really never had anything but complimentary things to say about them, i have a little message:

Dear Calgary Flames,

BITE ME!!!!!!!

love, george

ugh. i will spare you from the entire page of ugly commentary that remains running through my head after the last game. i blame myself, really, since it occurred to me today that i had been wearing a Caps t-shirt throughout the game in it's entirety. nevertheless: GO WINGS!!!!

what a way to round out an awful week.

Steph said...

Hahaha I read an article that said Hasek is such a spaz about pucks staying out of his net that Schneider dropped one before practice or something and he chucked a glove at it so it wouldn't roll in.

Too bad it certainly didn't work there...

Shelby said...

The sixth one is my favorite! I was looking around it and was like, Ooh, Zubie! Ooh, Drury! Ick, Brier.